Snow Day – use it well!

Hello Year Six! 

I hope on your snow days you:

  • Keep safe!
  • Keep warm!
  • Make a snowman!
  • Throw snowballs!
  • Make a snow angel!
  • Go sledging!
  • Try some snow art ( food colouring & water in a squeezy bottle + imagination!)
  • Laugh a lot!
  • Drink a hot chocolate (with marshmallows if that’s your thing!)
  • Look after each other.

But of course, you could always mix it up a bit…

  • IXL.COM is free to you and covers all the essential Y6 skills you need to keep those brain cells active.
  • Reading – snuggled up with a blanket helps!  Try the RADIO 2 500 Words website if you haven’t already.
  • Mymaths has tons of lessons you haven’t yet explored. Why not try something different as a pre-learning activity? Year 7 is only 6 months away now…
  • Try a KAHOOT and invite your friends- go to KAHOOT.COM  / KAHOOT.IT or download the APP.
  • Set up your own SQUEEBLES SPELLING TEST as revision.

Hopefully, I will see you on Monday! Have a great weekend.

Be happy.

Mr Day