Review of ‘Ye-Ha!’ Year 6 Leavers’ Production 2018

Review of Ye-Ha – Year 6 Leavers’ Production 2018

By Grace Maddock – Year 6 pupil

‘Ye-Ha!’ is the 2018 production at St Mary’s CE Primary School, High Crompton – performed by the Year 6 class. This comedy-packed show is based in the Wild Wild West, where tragedy hits.

Mad-Dog McNut and his posse have been extinguishing sheriffs one after another. There are gasps and chunners when a timid kitchen boy named Wilbur Hubbard is unfortunately chosen, and as the folk say – he was destined for death…but not with Billie-Jo Briskett on the case! As stereotypes for girls hold her back, she pulls through as the Lone Ranger and discovers the split personality of the evil Mayor Tex Truman!

So don’t miss out! ‘Ye-Ha’ is a humour-packed production. Join Year 6 in the Wild Wild West! Splodge City needs you!