Homework 28/9/18

Hi everyone.

Homework this weekend (due Monday) includes the following:

  1. Reading – x3 MINIMUM recorded by Monday as usual.
  2. Spelling: Group 7 words. Be sure to REVISE ALL PAST WEEKS also as you may be tested on them. All the words are on this website at the top of the Y6 class page.
  3. Literacy: reading comprehension in your book (10 min task)
  4. Maths: IXL work – 20 mins on  Year 6 W4 and W5. Parents must sign maths books please.

REMEMBER: rest and play is important too. It’s best to get the homework done and then enjoy the weekend. And if you have a spare 10 mins here and there, then MYMATHS games and IXL is always a quick win and tops up your learning.

Mr Day