October 2018 Half Term Homework

Dear Year Six,

I hope you have plenty of rest this half term, but please remember to do some basic home learning inbetween snoozes and playing out:

  1. As many corrections as you can on the test papers you did during assessment week. Use a different colour pen and return the ‘test packs’ on the Monday after the holiday. Remember: if you are stuck, look for a ‘MyMaths’ lesson or some IXL questions. In maths, there’s always a way to find the answer!
  2. Group 10 spellings to learn – remember they are at the top of this page if you need them!
  3. Reading – x3 minimum during this week as usual please. Have you checked the ‘Battle of the Books’ list for ideas?

Have a safe, great holiday and see you after the break!

Mr Day