Easter Homework 2019

Hi everyone

Firstly –  I hope you have a lovely Easter and come back having had a nice rest and some fun times (and not too much chocolate!)

However, as you know SATs week looms beginning Monday 13th May and you will want to be ready. So we cannot totally sit back and do nothing over Easter!  Here’s what you NEED to do and what I’d LIKE you to do:


  1. Reading. Reading. Reading. Lots of it if you can – and lots of different texts too! You all have been given non-fiction texts to read over Easter alongside your normal reading book. Be sure to question what you read and think deeply – especially about new / tricky words. Talking about your reading is just as important as the reading itself! And most importantly try to ENJOY your reading!
  2. Maths – you have a TIME paper with SATs-style Qs to answer. There is a letter to parents and a SLIP that needs to come back into school the first day back. Please ensure this is completed in full.
  3. Arithmetic extension test to complete and return to school. Aim for full marks. No excuses!
  4. Spellings to learn: Grand Spell coming up the first week back based on SUMMER SPELLINGS GROUPS 1-9


  1. A little bit of revision or catch-up learning where you need to – there are a wide variety of resources available to you now: CGP revision books, IXL.COM, the maths links from the Y6 class page, Mymaths and so on. If fractions isn’t your thing, then make it your thing by studying! If you are not the best at co-ordinates, there are plenty of resources out there to practise with.
  2. Become an EXPERT SPELLER. Dig out your EXAM NINJA lists – it’s these types of words that will come up in your SPAG test. Be ready to smash it!
  3. NOT WORRY. What’s the point? It’s just wasted energy. If you know that you are ready to give it your best and that you have tried hard then that’s all I can ask for. Be in a good state of mind for these tests. Be proud of your efforts and you will feel good about yourself.

Have a great Easter!

Mr Day