Homework 29/11/19

Hello Year Six!

A nice task for you this weekend!

Make your own maths advent calendar, complete with 24 carefully scored-out doors and 24 maths problems inside. REMEMBER: get adult help when you get to the stage of scoring with scissors – do not do this alone! Card and plain paper was distributed for this task on Friday.

The daily maths problem needs to be Y6 standard (IXL or Mymaths could help you generate short questions) and they could also be times-tables practise questions. Each ‘door’ should have the solution to the previous day on the inside of the door, whilst the next new question goes on the sheet underneath.

Do not stick the doors closed when you attach the backing sheet, or you won’t be able to open the doors!

Bring them back in on Tuesday, finished to a high quality – we will display them and open up each others’ calendars in the run-up to Christmas.

Please note: due to the panto today, spelling test for group 11 words will be on Monday. There will be a GRAND SPELL to get ready for on FRIDAY 6th December – all autumn term words please!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Mr Day