Hello everyone,

Following a few initial problems earlier today, it seems most of you are up and running with SEESAW. I’ve tested several accounts now and it seems that if you follow the instructions closely on the letter with the ‘home learning code’ and QR code and go to (or download the CLASS app)  then you should be OK as long as signing in as a student -not a family member.  The TEXT codes in the letters sent out a couple of weeks ago do still work – you need to leave spaces in between the groups of 4 letters :

example  :   FHNG  EEHT  ANDS  SSET     Each child’s code is different and if logging in this way, you’ll only be able to see your own work uploaded.

You should then be able to upload work and see the ‘activities’ tab. I’ve tried it at my house and it seems to be OK.

Again – here to support if you need me.

I am going to upload maths answers to Monday and Tuesday on Tuesday evening, because a few people have not managed to access the work yet it seems.

Keep at it and keep safe.

Have a good evening!

Mr Day