Treasure Trail

Treasure Trail Project

untitledTen local primary schools commissioned a national company (North by Northwest Limited, a Treasure Trails Gold partner), to work with pupils to produce 2 professional treasure trails that have a ‘spy’ theme

Treasure Trails are an imaginative and fun way to explore the local area. They are aimed at getting families outside together exploring and learning in a healthy and entertaining way. Each trail consists of an easy to follow route to walk along, whilst solving a set of mathematical clues along the way, to enable a participant to complete a final mission.

Enterprise Day

On Wednesday 8th February, ten pupils (Lucy Cockayne, Luca Hough, Heather Salway, Brandon Hough, Becky Kirk, Max Forsyth, Eliza Thorpe, Thomas Wood, Chelsea Bradley and Alexander Malesev-Walsh) entered a competition to design a new PE logo for all the primary schools in Royton and Shaw. They were put into groups with children from other schools, where they had to design a shirt, and work out a budget for designing and producing it.

Everyone had a great day working as a team and making new friends.

At the end of the day, the teams presented their designs to a panel of judges. As all the designs were excellent, it was decided that a part of each design would would make up the final logo.


Arithmetic Easter Egg Hunt

Year 2 enjoyed finding Easter Eggs outside and solving all the jumbled up arithmetic questions using different number operations.

Maths in the Snow

We made patterns in the snow using our feet and counted forwards and backwards in 2’s. We made patterns in the snow using our feet. We imagined each set of footprints had 10 toes in. We counted forwards and backwards in 10’s. We made patterns in the snow- one foot in front of the other. We imagined each footprint had 5 toes in.

We counted forwards and backwards in 5’s. We practiced saying our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We made multiplication arrays using snowballs. We wrote number sentences about what we had made on whiteboards.

Katie Morag

Year 2 have had an action packed Katie Morag day. Some of the activities included dressing up as favourite characters and being in their shoes for the day. Mrs Hardman was ‘Lady Artist’ and Mrs Thomas was ‘Grannie Island’. A Scottish piper came and played a few tunes on his bagpipes. You should have seen our smiles! Some children were able to try making a sound using them! How entertaining!

He also explained his costume to us, which was fascinating to find out about. During the day we thought about how Scottish traditions and we did problem solving activities in the afternoon. We enjoyed making a kilt each and baking porridgies-delicious! At playtime we tried ‘throwing the caber’ and played ‘shinty’. What a busy, fun time we had!


We had a super visit from a volunteer from the RNLI. We had a lovely time and learnt a lot of important things. Year 2 have also been very busy at home producing some fantastic pieces of work all about the RNLI. Well done everybody.


We have been making our own potions from lots of wierd and wonderful ingredients. We have been casting magic spells and hoping they work! We have then used these to write our own set of instrctions.

Science Investigation

We worked as a team to investigate how the surface of a ramp affected how far a car travelled. We found out that the smoother the surface the further the car went. We thought carefully about how to keep the test fair, measured carefully and chose how to record our results.

Forces at the Park

We enjoyed visiting High Crompton park to find out for ourselves how push and pull forces work when experimenting with the equipment.

Geography Enquiry

We used photographs and maps of the Isle of Coll to find out about the human and physical features of an island home.

Orangutan Day

The Orangutan Foundation has a ‘Vision for the Future’.  They believe,

“that by 2020, the decline of orangutans will be halted, and all remaining wild orangutan populations will be stable or expanding”.


In Year 6 we believe that this is a worthy and worthwhile endeavour. So, as part of our Rainforests and Economic Awareness topics, we decided to raise funds in support of this cause.

We designed and made bandanas and sold biscuits and cakes to raise a magnificent total of £216 pounds which we donated to Orangutan Foundation.

Experience Church

The children were invited across to St Mary’s Church to participate in the ‘Experience Church’ event. There were various stations where they learnt about the importance of the different features of the church and how they are used. These included: The Font, Lectern, votive candle holders, Altar, door and stained glass windows. The children had great fun, creating their own stained glass candle holders, prayers and origami birds. They participated in many discussions to gain a deeper understanding into the many Christian values that are promoted. They learnt the importance of what we ourselves can bring to the Church and also take with us into our lives.








Musical Festival

Once again St. Mary’s pupils performed superbly at the Oldham Music Festival. All groups received high praise form the adjudicator and showcased their talents as musicians.

Well done to all pupils who took part.

Music Evening

St Mary’s pupils took part in a Musical Evening in aid of St. Mary’s Church link charity: Oldham Foodbank. All pupils performed superbly and helped to raise over £600 for the charity.

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page

The teachers in our class are Mrs Booth (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning) and Mrs Burke (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.)

Our Big Questions this year are: Why were the Romans so powerful and how do we know they were in our area? Donde en España estoy? (Where in Spain am I?) Where in the UK am I? Who were the greatest invaders? We will be going on lots of visits and having interesting visitors throughout the year to help us with our learning.


The Circus came to St Mary’s. Absolute tears of laughter. Hilarious fun & amusement…totally priceless! A big THANKYOU to St Mary’s Support Group!

Artist in Residence

Today we had a wonderful art morning with our artist in residence. We experimented with various media including watercolour paints, oil pastels, gel pens, colouring pencils, inktense pencils, pens and collage. We worked in teams to create portraits of some famous people. We’re very proud of ourselves!

Getting hooked outside!

What fun we have had outside today. We’re a little muddy but we’ve had a ball! In teams, we used a map of the school grounds to find treasure sacks! We had to remember what we found, collect clue cards and solve puzzles. We worked in teams listening, taking turns, noticing details, ‘sticking at it’, and working together. We’re looking forward to finding out more about ‘Traditional Tales’.

Maths Problem Solving

We have been working together to solve puzzles using clues and what we know about numbers.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Year 2 led a class assembly on Friday about superheroes, famous people and Macmillan nurses. They also hosted a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. The raised an amazing £698.12!

Thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Ice Lollies

We have been doing lots of practical activities to sort different things using a Venn Diagram. We co-operated really well. We have been sorting items using 2 criteria. We got much better at it during the Lesson.

Big Writing

We have really enjoyed writing with our special ‘firework’ pencils. We have been writing a description about bonfire night. We have been thinking about using adjectives to make our writing more interesting.

Electrical Challenge

Mrs Hardman challenged us to make a bulb light up using just 1 bulb, 1 battery, 2 wires and some tape. We persevered and you can see from our faces that we were really proud of ourselves when we succeeded!

Easter 2016

We were amazed at the fantastic Easter service, which our Year Four class performed in Church on the last day of term. The acting was awesome, the singing beautiful and the speaking clearly projected. Well done to every member of the class. Your professional approach and confidence was inspirational. You are all super stars!


Year 2 had great fun having a mini halloween party to inspire our writing. We wrote recounts of what we had done during the halloween half term. We wrote on special pumpkin paper and tried to meet lots of our writing targets!

Fire of London Challenge

Mrs Hardman challenged us to put the fire out in Pudding Lane, but by the time we had got water from the River Thames the fire had spread! We had great fun learning why the fire of London spread and how hard it was to stop it getting bigger.

Pancake Day

Year 1 had a great time doing the sponsored pancake event. Thank you to all your support sponsoring the children. The children enjoyed the activity and they showed great skill!!!

Year 5 Light and Dark

We found out about day and night from Year 5 children. They were very good at explaining information and we were excellent at listening.

HMP Prison Visit

The Community Team from HM Prison service have special dogs that work with them. We enjoyed meeting Charlotte, who is 4 years old.