Easter Kahoots!

Hello Year 6

Try this out!

https://kahoot.it/challenge/0352900     Game code: 0352900

Have a great Easter and keep checking back here for further news or challenges!

Mr Day

Kahoot challenges!

Got Kahoot?   Try these two challenges!

https://kahoot.it/challenge/0970532        Game pin: 0970532   This is an Easter science Kahoot!

https://kahoot.it/challenge/0611288         Game pin: 0611288   This is a challenge about nets.

Good luck!

Mr Day

Reading website to try!

Hello Year Six readers!

Lots of FREE extracts from books here:  LOVEREADING4KIDS.CO.UK

You might have to ask a parent / carer to sign up for you, but once done, you have instant access to hundreds of extracts from hundreds of authors.


Mr Day

Snow Day – use it well!

Hello Year Six! 

I hope on your snow days you:

  • Keep safe!
  • Keep warm!
  • Make a snowman!
  • Throw snowballs!
  • Make a snow angel!
  • Go sledging!
  • Try some snow art ( food colouring & water in a squeezy bottle + imagination!)
  • Laugh a lot!
  • Drink a hot chocolate (with marshmallows if that’s your thing!)
  • Look after each other.

But of course, you could always mix it up a bit…

  • IXL.COM is free to you and covers all the essential Y6 skills you need to keep those brain cells active.
  • Reading – snuggled up with a blanket helps!  Try the RADIO 2 500 Words website if you haven’t already.
  • Mymaths has tons of lessons you haven’t yet explored. Why not try something different as a pre-learning activity? Year 7 is only 6 months away now…
  • Try a KAHOOT and invite your friends- go to KAHOOT.COM  / KAHOOT.IT or download the APP.
  • Set up your own SQUEEBLES SPELLING TEST as revision.

Hopefully, I will see you on Monday! Have a great weekend.

Be happy.

Mr Day

Parents’ Evening Thanks

I just wanted to say how nice it was to chat with parents last night. I am also looking forward to meeting parents this evening to discuss their child’s future: there are some bright young stars in the making in this Year Six class and I do enjoy chatting about their potential.

I hope the materials I provide will go some way to helping your child be best prepared for their upcoming SATs tests, and ultimately a smooth transition to secondary school – where they will hopefully develop into fabulous young adults.

On that topic, we were lucky enough to have four of last years’ leavers come along this week to chat to the children about just how working hard at Primary School has helped them to move on and begin a great education at Crompton House. My thanks to Evie, Hannah, Will and Naimh. Your Head of Year has been informed!

Mr Day

Homework 12/1/18

Hello Year Six. I hope you have managed to have a go at most of the homework so far.

A few of you were struggling with algebra on the last maths test. If you have a spare 20 minutes, it would be well worth having a look at the ‘Mymaths’ lesson on ‘algebraic thinking’ – you should be able to access from this link: https://app.mymaths.co.uk/myportal/library/11/114/1226#collapse3 or find it by looking at library – number – algebra in Mymaths.

Please don’t forget to relax with a good book as well this weekend and get some exercise in!

See you all on Monday.

Mr Day

Homework 5/1/18

Hello Year Six!

Just a reminder that your homework is due in on Monday.

Those of you who are still struggling with times tables, this is a reminder to take a look at Mymaths – check the window on the left of the main screen and look at ‘Booster Packs’ then scroll down to ‘Times Tables’ and choose the option that suits you best.

Remember: ‘Unless you care…..’  You know the rest.

Get your homework done today if you can – tomorrow is supposed to be a lovely clear day for you to enjoy!

Mr Day

Homework 1/12/17

Hello Year Six!

Just a reminder: IXL homework is due on Monday. If you struggle with the ‘fractions of amount’ work, try going to mymaths – number – Year 4 – fractions – fractions of amount and practise the online lesson as a starting point.

Good luck!

(And don’t forget to read this weekend!)

Mr Day

Year Six butterfly art for the Manchester Royal Infirmary

Year 6 were asked to utilise their talents to provide some art for the Manchester Royal Infirmary new relatives’ room, which we were only too glad to get involved with. With the help of local artist and friend of the school Hugh Templeton, the children created some beautiful butterflies which will soon be adorning the walls. Thanks to Mrs Shipton (an ex-parent and employee of the MRI) for asking us! We loved getting involved!