Pupil Voices

These are comments from our recent Pupil Survey – Click this text to see more from the Pupil Survey * Everything in school * Great teachers * You will get help if you are stuck on anything – The teachers are always there for you * The lessons are fun and you learn a lot from them * I like all the exciting lessons /fun lessons in school * Friends fun and love and wonderful, amazing teachers * I like the kindness wall outside of year 6 and year 5 * I like when you are in Year 6 you buddy a Reception pupil to guide them through the year * We work as a team and the teachers make the work fun and exciting so we are not bored in lessons * We don’t bully people! * If we are not sure about something in the lesson we can ask the teacher for some help * The staff always listen to what I have to say * I enjoy my lessons because they challenge me and the teachers make them fun and engage with us and I feel if I have a problem the teachers will listen * The teachers help us when we don’t understand the work they give us and they make lessons fun, and there is always something to look forward to * Staff go out of their own way to do fun and exciting things for our school * Choir * I Love the adults who help me as they are all kind * Caring staff * We treat people equally and help people who might have special needs * Our shows * Doing maths, I like science and learning about materials * I liked making my disgusting sandwich and writing how to make them * Everything, big writes and going to the theatre to see the pantomime * Lessons include everyone and fresh air * The staff look after us all the time, they teach us a lot, they help us to make good choices, they help us to make a relationship with God * I like the Stone Age work shop and PE * We all help each other no matter what * We are all a family * I have kind friends * There is always an adult to help – Worry isn’t here * The adults support our mental health and healthy diet and care for pupils I love spending time at this school * Fun activities like Christmas Jumper day * The good amount of equipment in the playground, I love Friday assemblies * How we all come together as a family in worship * They teach everyone to be respectful to each other, our teachers listen to our questions and answer them * It’s a very kind school, adults can have a laugh with you sometimes. It’s challenging, and it’s everything you need I really like how there are so many people that can be kind and helpful