Experience Days

Experience After Easter

Pupils enjoyed a new Experience event – Experience After Easter. This took place in St Mary’s church. There were 6 stations for the pupils to interact with: The Ascension, The Story of Pentecost, the Impact of Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, and Ordinary Time.

Pupils and adults were encouraged to think about some key questions during their visit, such as:

·         What mysteries and questions might you have about the world?

·         If you had the chance, what questions might you ask Jesus?

·         How can you grow ‘good fruit’ in your life?

·         Who helps or guides you in life and what are grateful for?

·         What qualities would you like others to see in yourself?

·         How will you treat others?

·         What will you do every day to continue to grow into the person you want to be?

We had some great responses:

“Why does life have to come with difficulties?”

“Is the church really your home?”

“Where is Jesus now?”

“I made the world out of playdough because everyone deserves a chance.”

“I want to try and be more humble and this will make me a better person.”

“I liked the part where we planted the pea seeds because they told us how to grow to be a better person.”

 “I need to be the best version of me.”

We are very fortunate to have the support of the clergy and the community in continuing to support pupils on their spiritual journey. Without these people, these events would not be possible.

Experience Harvest

Today, the children were welcomed across to St Mary’s Church to take part in our ‘Experience Harvest’ event. There were five interactive stations where the children were encouraged to reflect upon the harvests of the sea, the garden, the grain, the flock and the earth. They had the opportunity to create a clay pinch pot, and an origami boat and work together to create a weave. Throughout the activities, the children thought about what we could learn from the harvest. For example: being patient like the farmers waiting for the perfect time to harvest their crops. We also thought about how we could be faithful to God, show humility to others (by putting their needs first) be joyful givers and be generous to those in need. Above all, the children learnt about being thankful for all that God has given us and learnt how to fill ourselves with peace. It was a truly lovely day.

Experience Church

The children from Year Two to Year Six have spent time at St Mary’s Church, to participate in the ‘Experience Church’ event. This gave them the opportunity to reflect, discuss and learn about the importance of the different parts of the Church and the role that they play in the life of the Church. The stations included: the entrance, Lectern, Font, Altar, Votive Stand, Kneelers and the stories in the windows. The children really enjoyed creating their own stained glass windows, to create candle holders to reflect that ‘Jesus is the Light of the World.’ They also created origami birds, in which they folded their worries, and flew them away. Lots of deeper discussions were held about Christians being disciples of God and about the importance of prayer. The children learnt about the Christian values and the value of what we can bring to the Church and take away into the wider world.

Experience Christmas

The Year Two to Year Six children have taken part in a number of hands-on and reflective activities, in order to learn all about Christmas. They have learnt about why Jesus was a gift and also how they can prepare their hearts for Christmas, during Advent, by forgiving others and saying sorry for any wrongdoings. They also learnt how to overcome their fears and have confidence, when they face any challenges, understanding that God would be with them, just like he was with Mary when she received the announcement from an angel. The children were left with the question, after listening to the words of the poet Christina Rossetti, how could they give their heart to others and carry on Jesus’ work through their actions’.

Experience Pentecost

The Year Two to Year Six children have taken part in a number of exciting and thought provoking activities, in order to learn all about Pentecost. They have learnt all about the value of waiting patiently for things, working together as a team and being brave in difficult situations.  They know how the word and love of God started small and is now followed across the world. The children were left with the question, how can you show God’s love through your actions?

Experience Easter

The children had an exciting and informative visit, across to St Mary’s Church, to participate in our ‘Experience Easter’ event.  There were various interactive stations, situated around the church, to enable the children to experience the events of holy week and reflect upon them.  They took part in a number of activities, from sampling the bread and wine at the Last Supper, hanging their worries and fears on the tree in the Garden of Gethsemane, and writing their hopes and dreams on stones to place at the foot of the cross. Lots of interesting and in-depth questioning took place, to gain a deeper understanding of our Christian values, and how we can be the children of God, carrying on what we have learnt to improve the lives of others.