Governor Register of Business Interests

St Mary’s C E School Governor’s Register of Business Interest and Governance

Name Business Interest Declared Relationship to pupil or staff Details of Business Interest Declared and/or Name of other establishments
Grahame Benson, Chair-Foundation/PCC None None  
Revd. Katy Cunliffe None None Governor of Crompton Primary School
Governor of Crompton House School
Chair of Trustee of Seven Springs Outdoor Centre
Governor of Thornham St James
Colin Cunnington, Local Authority None None None
Melissa Smith, Diocese None None None
Andrew Green, Vice Chair-Foundation/PCC None None None
Kathryn Sanderson, Parent None Parent None
Pamela Hartley, Headteacher None None None
Steven Day, Staff Governor None None None
Eileen Arthur, Foundation/PCC None None Education Adviser - Part Time
Trustee at Kingfisher Learning Trust
Ian Mayhew, Parent None Parent None
Ian Buckley, Foundation/PCC None Parent None
Kelly Tracey, Parent None Parent TFG Stage Technology, Director
Gemma Croston, Parent None Parent None
Kathryn Murphy, Co opted None Parent None
Natalie Hague Foundation/PCC None None None
Susanne Morris, Foundation/PCC YES None MY Schools Together - Associate member of the Governing Body