Governor Training

DateTraining CompletedGovernors
December 2018Link Governor Network MeetingGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
December 2018SEND Lead Governors Network MeetingGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
October 2018Introduction to SafeguardingAndrew Green
June 2018Inspirational Leadership & the CurriculumJoelle Hardman
May 2018Chairs BriefingGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
Apr-18Introduction to SafeguardingKathryn Sanderson
Apr-18Introduction for New GovernorsSusanne Morris, Kathryn Sanderson
Mar-18Governor Mark Renewal TrainingGrahame Benson, Pamela Hartley, Eileen Arthur, Andrew Green, Ian Mayhew, Melissa Smith, Susanne Morris
Jan-18Chairs BriefingGrahame Benson
Jan-18Early Years Readiness WorkshopGrahame Benson
Jan-18SEND & SEN Support Services WorkshopGrahame Benson
Jan-18School Improvement WorkshopGrahame Benson
Jan-18Channel General Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingEileen Arthur
Dec-17Making Every Contact CountGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
Dec-17Link Governor MeetingGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
Nov-17Supporting Young Minds Through Tough TimesSusanne Morris
Nov-17Governors Guide to the New Analyse School Performance ServiceGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
Nov-17Safer RecruitmentSusanne Morris
Oct-17Channel General Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingKathryn Sanderson, Susanne Morris
Sep-17School Self EvaluationGrahame Benson, Melissa Smith
Jun-17Whole School Approach to Emotional Health and Mental Health WellbeingGrahame Benson, Pamela Hartley
Jun-17WRAP (Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent)Ian Mayhew
Jun-17Sport Premium TrainingGrahame Benson
May-17Headteacher & Teacher Appraisal for GovernorsGrahame Benson
May-17Safer RecruitmentAndrew Green, Johanna Stock
May-17SEND Reforms & Code of PracticeAmy Snape
May-17SafeguardingSteven May, Andrew Green, Melissa Smith, Pamela Hartley
Feb-17Safer Recruitment Training (Update)Pamela Hartley
Jan-17Church Schools (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jan-17Understanding RAISEonlineAndrew Green
Jan-17Children Who HarmJoelle Hardman
Dec-16Safer Recruitment TrainingJoelle Hardman
Nov-16Preparing Governors for an OfSTED InspectionAndrew Green, Pamela Hartley, Grahame Benson
Nov-16Channel General Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingAlan Butler, Mike Dodd, Natalie Hague, Zoya Stott, Melissa Smith, Ian Mayhew, Tracey Evans
Nov-16Induction for New GovernorsMelissa Smith, Ian Mayhew
Sep-16Chairs BriefingAndrew Green
Aug-16Managing Safely in Schools
Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
Johanna Stock
Jun-16Induction for New GovernorsZoya Stott
Jun-16The Role of the Chair (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jun-16Channel General Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingGrahame Benson, Steven May, David Oakes, Johanna Stock, Amy Snape
Jun-16Ofsted (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jun-16Safeguarding & Child Protection Induction (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jun-16School Recruitment (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jun-16Helping Headteachers Get The Best From Their Governing Body (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
May-16Chairs BriefingGrahame Benson
May-16Link Governor Network MeetingAndrew Green
(Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent)
Andrew Green, Grahame Benson
Apr-16Early Help TrainingPamela Hartley
Jan-16Domestic Violence and DASH TrainingPamela Hartley
Jan-16Link Governor Network MeetingAndrew Green
Nov-15SafeguardingAndrew Green
Nov-15New Inspection 'DashboardAndrew Green
Nov-15Governor Conference WorkshopAmy Snape
Nov-15Religious Education & Collective WorshipNatalie Hague
Nov-15Safeguarding audit online trainingPamela Hartley
Nov-15Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingPamela Hartley, Joelle Hardman
Oct-15Data Protection & Information SecurityAndrew Green, Grahame Benson, Steven May
Oct-15OfSTED School Inspection FrameworkAndrew Green, Grahame Benson, Steven May
Oct-15Extremism & RadicalisationPamela Hartley
Sep-15Chairs BriefingAndrew Green
Sep-15Link Governor Network MeetingAndrew Green