Governor Training

DateTraining CompletedGovernors
February 2020Preparing for Ofsted Inspection under the New FrameworkGrahame Benson, Andrew Green, Pamela Hartley
October 2019Suicide Prevention TrainingGrahame Benson
September 2019Home Office Online
Prevent Training
Colin Cunnington
July 2019Preparing the leaders of tomorrow - Floyd WoodrowAndrew Green
July 2019Improving Outcomes through Health & Wellbeing and Leadership Andrew Green
June 2019Governing Body Succession PlanningGrahame Benson
June 2019Introduction for New GovernorsColin Cunnington
May 2019Chairs BriefingGrahame Benson
May 2019Interpreting Your School Performance DataGrahame Benson, Katy Cunliffe
May 2019Attendance Training for School GovernorsGrahame Benson, Katy Cunliffe
May 2019Preparing Governors for OFSTED InspectionGrahame Benson, Andrew Green, Pamela Hartley, Ian Mayhew
March 2019Mental Wellbeing Awareness for GovernorsIan Mayhew, Katy Cunliffe
December 2018Link Governor Network MeetingGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
December 2018SEND Lead Governors Network MeetingGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
October 2018Introduction to SafeguardingAndrew Green
September 2018Chairs Briefing MeetingGrahame Benson
June 2018Inspirational Leadership & the CurriculumJoelle Hardman
May 2018Chairs BriefingGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
Apr-18Introduction to SafeguardingKathryn Sanderson
Apr-18Introduction for New GovernorsSusanne Morris, Kathryn Sanderson
Mar-18Governor Mark Renewal TrainingGrahame Benson, Pamela Hartley, Eileen Arthur, Andrew Green, Ian Mayhew, Melissa Smith, Susanne Morris
Jan-18Chairs BriefingGrahame Benson
Jan-18Early Years Readiness WorkshopGrahame Benson
Jan-18SEND & SEN Support Services WorkshopGrahame Benson
Jan-18School Improvement WorkshopGrahame Benson
Jan-18Channel General Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingEileen Arthur
Dec-17Making Every Contact CountGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
Dec-17Link Governor MeetingGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
Nov-17Supporting Young Minds Through Tough TimesSusanne Morris
Nov-17Governors Guide to the New Analyse School Performance ServiceGrahame Benson, Andrew Green
Nov-17Safer RecruitmentSusanne Morris
Oct-17Channel General Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingKathryn Sanderson, Susanne Morris
Sep-17School Self EvaluationGrahame Benson, Melissa Smith
Jun-17Whole School Approach to Emotional Health and Mental Health WellbeingGrahame Benson, Pamela Hartley
Jun-17WRAP (Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent)Ian Mayhew
Jun-17Sport Premium TrainingGrahame Benson
May-17Headteacher & Teacher Appraisal for GovernorsGrahame Benson
May-17Safer RecruitmentAndrew Green, Johanna Stock
May-17SEND Reforms & Code of PracticeAmy Snape
May-17SafeguardingSteven May, Andrew Green, Melissa Smith, Pamela Hartley
Feb-17Safer Recruitment Training (Update)Pamela Hartley
Jan-17Church Schools (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jan-17Understanding RAISEonlineAndrew Green
Jan-17Children Who HarmJoelle Hardman
Dec-16Safer Recruitment TrainingJoelle Hardman
Nov-16Preparing Governors for an OfSTED InspectionAndrew Green, Pamela Hartley, Grahame Benson
Nov-16Channel General Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingAlan Butler, Mike Dodd, Natalie Hague, Zoya Stott, Melissa Smith, Ian Mayhew, Tracey Evans
Nov-16Induction for New GovernorsMelissa Smith, Ian Mayhew
Sep-16Chairs BriefingAndrew Green
Aug-16Managing Safely in Schools
Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
Johanna Stock
Jun-16Induction for New GovernorsZoya Stott
Jun-16The Role of the Chair (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jun-16Channel General Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingGrahame Benson, Steven May, David Oakes, Johanna Stock, Amy Snape
Jun-16Ofsted (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jun-16Safeguarding & Child Protection Induction (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jun-16School Recruitment (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
Jun-16Helping Headteachers Get The Best From Their Governing Body (Modern Governor Training)Grahame Benson
May-16Chairs BriefingGrahame Benson
May-16Link Governor Network MeetingAndrew Green
(Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent)
Andrew Green, Grahame Benson
Apr-16Early Help TrainingPamela Hartley
Jan-16Domestic Violence and DASH TrainingPamela Hartley
Jan-16Link Governor Network MeetingAndrew Green
Nov-15SafeguardingAndrew Green
Nov-15New Inspection 'DashboardAndrew Green
Nov-15Governor Conference WorkshopAmy Snape
Nov-15Religious Education & Collective WorshipNatalie Hague
Nov-15Safeguarding audit online trainingPamela Hartley
Nov-15Awareness - Online training from the College of PolicingPamela Hartley, Joelle Hardman
Oct-15Data Protection & Information SecurityAndrew Green, Grahame Benson, Steven May
Oct-15OfSTED School Inspection FrameworkAndrew Green, Grahame Benson, Steven May
Oct-15Extremism & RadicalisationPamela Hartley
Sep-15Chairs BriefingAndrew Green
Sep-15Link Governor Network MeetingAndrew Green