Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is Assembly 6 which is all about the dangers of boasting and being “puffed up”. As usual there are places to pause and reflect … hope you enjoy.

Too Clever is Dumb!


Year 6 Home Learning w/c 18th January 2021

Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing well and have developed a good routine now.

Here is this week’s weekly plan: download HERE

Here are the worksheets and slides for English: download HERE

Maths work can be found HERE

Other worksheets you will need are HERE

Please don’t forget that this week there are 2 TEAMS sessions at 1.30 on Monday and Wednesday. The link should have been sent out via PARENTMAIL.  Read the weekly plan and be ready to join in those sessions.

I look forward to seeing you!

Stay safe, keep up the good work and keep smiling!

Best wishes,

Mr Day

Year 6 home learning w/c 11th January 2021

Hello everyone

I hope you are all ok. Well done and keep at it – use SEESAW wherever you can to complete the work and send it back to me on a daily basis for feedback. Do get in touch if I can help in any way!

You can find the weekly plan HERE

Worksheets can be downloaded HERE

Best wishes as always,

Mr Day

Year 6 Home learning for Wed 6th – Fri 8th January 2021

Hello Year 6

Please access this work via the SEESAW CLASS APP if at all possible.

Your login/ QR codes are the same as the ones used previously in November. Your parents /carers should have these if they track back through parentmail messages sent previously.

Please complete ALL work and upload using the SEESAW APP.

Do get in touch if you have any problems.



Y6 Homework 10/12/20

Hello Y6

This weekend’s homework, because you’ve been so brilliant this week, is…

…to relax, read a little and get prepared for a lovely Christmas

🙂 You’re welcome! 🙂

Best wishes,

Mr Day

Homework 3/12/20

Hello Y6 – see the homework attached here: DOWNLOAD

Also this is stuck in your homework book.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Y6 homework 26/11/20 – due Monday please


  1. There are 3 MYMATHS lessons and homework to do on TIME. Be sure to keep at it until you reach 80% / green smile at least.
  2. IXL.COM maths – Y6 W3 to W9  – spend 30 mins on these TIME questions
  3. Grp 10 spellings plus SATs spellings to learn.
  4. Reading as usual.

Thank you! Have a good weekend.

Mr Day



Hello Y6,

Homework this weekend please:

1) Read and record new/unusual vocab x3 times before Monday

2) Reading comprehension to complete in yellow homework book – Blackbeard. Please copy Qs and complete answers underneath.

3) IXL.COM – Maths – Y6 K4 to K6 Complete the questions and aim for 100 smart score. Too tricky? Complete K1-K3 instead.

4) Spellings to learn – gp 9 plus SATs Spellings to revise.


Home learning for Monday 16th November 2020

Hello Year 6!

I hope you are all fit and well?  We should be back in school on Tuesday 17th November and I cannot wait to get back to class. I hope you are keen to get started again!

For Monday’s work, you can see the plan by downloading it here or looking on SEESAW.

Maths worksheet: DOWNLOAD

Geography worksheet: DOWNLOAD

Please remember to bring in all work completed during your isolation when you return to school.

See you in school!

Best wishes.

Mr Day


Hello everyone,

Following a few initial problems earlier today, it seems most of you are up and running with SEESAW. I’ve tested several accounts now and it seems that if you follow the instructions closely on the letter with the ‘home learning code’ and QR code and go to (or download the CLASS app)  then you should be OK as long as signing in as a student -not a family member.  The TEXT codes in the letters sent out a couple of weeks ago do still work – you need to leave spaces in between the groups of 4 letters :

example  :   FHNG  EEHT  ANDS  SSET     Each child’s code is different and if logging in this way, you’ll only be able to see your own work uploaded.

You should then be able to upload work and see the ‘activities’ tab. I’ve tried it at my house and it seems to be OK.

Again – here to support if you need me.

I am going to upload maths answers to Monday and Tuesday on Tuesday evening, because a few people have not managed to access the work yet it seems.

Keep at it and keep safe.

Have a good evening!

Mr Day

Y6 Home learning w/c 9th November 2020

Hello Year 6

I hope you are all healthy and well!  I am missing you already! 🙂

Read through the weekly tasks, which you can access here. Please remember that we will be using SEESAW to send work back to school – see your account / ask your parents to check their parentmail for access.

If you have any problems or questions, please make contact with me through SEESAW or through the school office email at:

We will get through this together!

Stay safe. Stay happy. Keep positive!

Mr Day

Maths worksheets for the week:

Equivalent fractions: DOWNLOAD

Simplify fractions: DOWNLOAD

Improper fractions: DOWNLOAD

Mixed numbers: DOWNLOAD

Fractions on a number line: DOWNLOAD


Homework 5/11/20

Hello Y6,

This weekend, by Monday please:

  1. Do the MATHS.CO.UK test I have set up for you. The log in details are in the front of your green reading record or maths homework book. If you struggle, don’t give up – try IXL.COM or mymaths for help. Try hard to get to the answers. Spend no more than 45 mins on it and don’t forget to sign out of the test.
  2. Learn gp 8 spellings and also practise the random words from the SATs spellings I sent home and posted on the class page below….
  3. Reading as usual please.

Thank you!   Have a great weekend.

Mr Day

Spellings – important information

Hello Year 6

As discussed in class today (4/11/20) we will be ‘upping our game‘ a little bit as regards spelling.

On top of your 15 weekly ‘group’ spellings, I will be dropping in a further 5 from the sheets below. Don’t forget: you’ve been given your own personal copy so keep it safe and use it. The tests will now be out of 20.

‘Grand spell’ tests will still be out of 20 and I will tell you which words to revise before those tests.

Remember: the spelling RULES are even more important than just the words.

Put the effort in and you’ll do well!

Mr Day

SKMBT C454e20110410450
SKMBT C454e20110410451

Y6 Homework – 22/10/20

Hello Year 6!

Your homework over the holiday is to….have some time off, have some fun and relax a bit (with a good book!)

Seriously though it has been a tough half term with lots to get to grips with, so do use the time to re-charge your batteries and be ready for school again in November.

Please just make sure you pick up that reading book and read x3 times this next week.

Have a lovely, well-earned holiday and I’ll see you soon.

Mr Day

Y6 homework 15/10/20

Hello Y6!

You’ve had a busy week, so this week all I am asking is:

  1. Make sure you have read x3 times as usual by Monday – be sure to collect those new/unusual words.
  2. Get ready for GRAND SPELL test next week – gp 1 to 7

That’s it!

Make sure you relax this weekend and have some fun.

Be Kind…

Mr Day

Y6 homework 8/10/20

Hello everyone,

This weekend’s homework that I sent home on Thursday is:

  1. Learn gp 7 spellings (grand spell test will come in the last week of half term)
  2. Read as usual x3 times
  3. IXL.COM D10 division by 2d numbers to practise
  4. Complete the two 10 min reading tests that are in your homework book.
  5. Please ask parents to sign your homework slip, confirming you have completed the tasks set.

Please remember that this is due on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Y6 homework 1/10/20

Hello Year 6

This weekend:

  1. Learn gp 5 spellings
  2. Read x3 times by the end of Sunday and log new/interesting words
  3. SPAG.COM test to complete online – 2013 SATs
  4. IXL.COM practise: Maths D3 and D4 division   English L1 L2 L3 Alphabetical order (no more than 30 mins in total on IXL should be needed)

Remember: PE on Monday morning. Be prepared with an outdoor kit please.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Y6 Homework 24/9/20

Hello Year 6,

Homework this weekend – due by Monday please:

  1. Read x3 times and ensure you have logged it. Remember new / interesting words please.
  2. Learn gp 4 spellings ready for a test next week.
  3. IXL.COM – Maths Q1 and Q2 money problems and English B3 and B4 spelling – spend up to 30 mins please.
  4. You have two short SPAG.COM tests to complete on apostrophes. Your login details are in the front of your green reading record. – PLEASE NOTE – THERE SEEMS TO BE 3 TESTS SET UP FOR Y6 BY MISTAKE – there should only be 2. YOU NEED TO DO JUST APOSTROPHES A AND B ONCE! My apologies!

Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Mr Day

Homework 17/9/20

Hello Year 6

This week’s homework – due by Monday please:

  1. Learn group 3 spellings
  2. Make sure you have read three times before Monday.
  3. Complete the mini SPAG test in your homework book on the sheets.
  4. Go to IXL.COM and complete Y6 MATHS B1 AND B2 addition questions.

Thank you – have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Y6 Homework 10/9/20 – Due Monday

Hello Y6

This weekend, please do the following – see insert into your maths homework book too.

IXL homework – spend 1hr in total between Thursday and Sunday on the following areas in IXL.

MATHS  A1 TO A12   AND  B1 TO B9


You also have spellings to learn –group 2 please

If you want to extend your learning even further, don’t forget you can use MYMATHS online games, lessons and homework for practise sessions.

Also remember to have READ X3 TIMES since last Sunday – hand in reading book on Monday please.

Please remember to have the slip in your maths book signed.

Thank you

Mr Day.


Welcome to Year 6!

Hello and welcome back to Year 6!

You’ve had an AMAZING few days and I must say I am very impressed – you’ve all settled really well and you are definitely ready for the challenges ahead. We’re in it together and I am SURE that all of you have it in you to make excellent progress in your last year at St Mary’s.

I’ve kept homework fairly simple this weekend – see below. Please remember that homework is due on Monday.

  1. Have a look at IXL.COM and see how it works. Spend a little time experimenting with it.
  2.  x2 recorded ‘reads’ by Tuesday please. Green readers will be checked then.
  3.  Learn gp 1 spellings and write x10 sentences in your book that contain them (spelling test Friday!)
  4.  Make sure you are rested and ready for next week!

Parents – have you read the Y6 newsletter that was sent out on parentmail today?  Take a look if you can. There is also a video on the website, showing a few snippets of life at St Mary’s over the last few days..

Have a good weekend everyone!

Mr Day

Back to school blog…

Hi everyone.

If you check the Purple Mash blog, I have added a new thread about ‘back to school’.

Take a look and add your comments if you like.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Emotional health and mental well-being…

Hello everyone.

I just want to point you in the direction of a new set of resources on our ‘Learning’ tab dropdown on the website.

If you click on it, you will find a range of resources and documents that contain some useful advice: especially if your children are struggling somewhat during the lockdown.

Please take a moment to have a look at the resources – particularly the information on World Mental Health Awareness Day.

Don’t forget, if we can help – we will do our best. There is usually someone here at school you can talk to.

Best wishes to you all on behalf of all the staff here at St Mary’s.

Mr Day


Music box reading answers

Hi everyone – I hope you and your families are doing well!

Here’s the link for the MUSIC BOX reading answers: DOWNLOAD

I really hope you are coping with the ‘lockdown’. At least the sun is shining eh?

Don’t forget that the No.1 thing you can do to keep your brain active is to READ. Use this time to really get into a great book.  You could even download or stream an audio book by visiting They are totally free during lockdown and there is a good selection of ‘elementary’ reads on there.

Keep an eye out for home-learning to appear here again on 20th April.

Until then, I hope you have a safe, happy Easter. You are in my thoughts. Mrs Roberts also sends her love.

Mr Day

Purple mash info and Pobble info…

Hi everyone. I hope you are well!

It appears that this week’s purple mash 2DO based on databases is unclear, so I have deleted that task and replaced it with lots of coding activities, which you should try to do in order, building up from the traffic lights (Gibbon) task through to the 2GO task (Gorilla). Try your best and remember to watch and listen to tutorials if needed. You can try these coding tasks over the next few days.

Also, the writing task is from POBBLE365.COM   – type this into your address bar to search for today’s writing tasks.

Thank you and take care!

Mr Day

Homework 13/3/20

Hello Y6… by Tuesday please:

1) SPAG.COM full test to do

2) Important!…

IXL.COM – Y6 cc3 cc4 cc5 cc6

3) 2 mymaths lessons (RATIO)

4) reading as usual

5) gp 10 spellings to learn

Thank you!

Mr Day