Homework 22/3/19

Hi everyone,

A reminder about this week’s homework:

  1. Make sure x3 reads recorded by Monday 24th March (since Sunday 17th March)
  2. Reading each day next week Mon – Fri – signed and recorded words please.
  3. SATs style reading comprehension test to complete – hand in Tuesday checked and signed please.
  4. IXL maths – x30 mins minimum – make a full A4 page of notes / diagrams about what you covered. This is due Wednesday 27th.
  5. Spellings to learn – gp 5 and 7 summer term.

Also – a reminder about ONLINE gaming / WHATSAPP squabbles and issues: if you take part in any unkind online activity this will not be tolerated. These out-of-school problems are taking far too much time away from learning in school and at a time where your focus should be on achieving your very best exam results, this is unacceptable. All parties to any unkindness or thoughtless actions in these forums will be put directly  into a school ‘reflection’ and parents informed. You have been warned. If in doubt, stay out of these forums or delete yourself from a group in order to stay safe and out of any possible trouble.

Mr Day

Homework 15/3/19

Hi all

homework this weekend includes:

  1. Reading test (due Tuesday)
  2. Maths test (due Wednesday)  – both signed please
  3. Spelling gp 4 to learn.
  4. 3 reads next week (Sunday to Sunday)
  5. Any extra learning as required: you know where you struggled in the maths tests!

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget you can now access Espresso at home:


student18496   student18496

Reading test

Homework 8/3/19

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder about this week’s homework:

  1. From Friday 8th to Sunday 10th March a minimum of 2 recorded, signed ‘reads’ please. Remember to collect interesting or new words.
  2. Reasoning maths paper B – to be completed for Tuesday.
  3. Spelling gp 3 to learn.
  4. Old and past papers – look at them with your parents: use them to concentrate on areas of weakness and to improve – I do not need these back in school.
  5. On Monday, you will receive your ’10 min reading’ SATs style comprehension – due Wednesday.
  6. Some poorly-completed work on ‘dual duty words’ may have to be repeated next week.


Have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Homework 1/3/19

Hi everyone.

Homework this weekend:

  1. By Monday, please ensure you have read 3 times since 24th February.
  2. Next Monday to Thursday read 15 mins per night (minimum), record it, collect words and have your green reader signed each day.
  3. Complete MYMATHS MIXED ASSESSMENT 5 by Tuesday. 80% score if possible and remember to check-out!
  4. Summer term gp 2 spellings to learn.
  5. 10 min reading test in yellow book to complete by Monday.

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Mr DayBy

Y6 Half-term homework February 2019

Hi everyone!

Be sure to have a good rest this week and get some air into your lungs!

In those interim moments, please be sure to get your homework done too:

  1. There is a 3-part reading comprehension paper to complete fully.
  2. Complete maths reasoning paper.

These tests are not ‘timed’: you should work until you have attempted every question to the best of your ability.

TOP TIP: ‘Mymaths’ and IXL are ALWAYS available for extra support / explanations and practise for maths

See you after the holiday.

Mr Day

Homework 8/2/19

Hi everyone,

Not too much this weekend:


  1. Reading as usual
  2. Arithmetic test to completed by Tuesday – aim for full marks!
  3. Test out some pop-up mechanisms to use in your topic work.
  4. Be ready for ‘Grand spell’ next week.


Mr Day

Homework 1/2/19

Hi everyone

Homework this week is:

  1. Corrections from your recent reading test to complete.
  2. Spelling-prepare for Grand Spell (all Spring term words)
  3. Maths & SPAG IXL practise – as much as you need.
  4. Reading tasks in your yellow book – character analysis, plot and so on.

Have a great weekend!

Mr Day

Homework 25/1/19

Hi Everyone!  In between some relaxation and fun this weekend, here’s your homework-due Monday:

  1. READING – Please record x2 ‘reads’ this weekend as a minimum. I am looking for a total of 5 this week from last Sunday.
  2. Spelling – groups 10 and 11 to learn for a 15 word test
  3. Maths sheet – percentages. Please show working out. Do not write on the sheet – present neatly in your book.
  4. x10 min reading test to complete.

Thank you Year Six!

Be safe! Be happy!

Mr Day

Homework 18/1/19

Hi everyone!

  1. Reading as usual please
  2. Spellings – grp 9
  3. Maths sheet on measures (which has a few issues I’m afraid – do what you can please!)  DUE WEDNESDAY
  4. x3 mymaths online lessons and homework
  5. x10 min reading comprehension to complete

Have a good weekend

Mr Day

Homework 11/1/19

Hi Year Six,

This weekend’s homework is:

  1. Reading as usual – don’t end up on the ‘hit list’!
  2. Spellings to learn – group 8 Spring
  3. x10 min reading test – on sheets in your books.
  4. SPAG.COM test online (2014 SATs test)
  5. Maths – measurement worksheet to complete: please work neatly in your book, showing working out and clear answers. Do not answer on the worksheet please.

Thank you!

Mr Day

Homework – due 8th January


Be sure to have a rest and lots of fun – and don’t leave this until the last weekend!

  1. x6 reads minimum
  2. Spring group 7 spellings to learn
  3. A total of 90 minutes IXL practise – you choose!  10 mins a day would be great!
  4. Science book revision – read and learn!

Enjoy your Christmas and have a lovely time!

Thanks for all your kind gifts and cards!

Mr Day

Homework 14/12/18

Hi Year Six!

The homework this week includes:

  1. Reading x3 as usual – are YOU doing enough?
  3. x10 min reading and x10 min SPAG test – in yellow book already.
  4. x20 min IXL Maths online of your choice.


Thank you

Have a great weekend!

Mr Day

Homework 7/12/18


  1. Reading – x3 reads as usual.
  2. Mymaths – complete any lessons by Wednesday – 75% score needed as a minimum.
  3. x10 min reading test – on sheet in book.
  4. Silent letter spellings & sentences in book.
  5. Group 4 spring term words to learn.

Thank you

Mr Day

Homework 30/11/18

Hi everyone!

A weekend off – sort of. Use the time well – and that could mean just having a good rest after a bit of exercise!

  1. Reading as usual please
  2. Spellings to learn – group 3 Spring

Any extra you choose to do is a bonus for yourself.

Have a good one!

Mr Day

Homework 23/11/18

Hi everyone – due Tuesday 27th November:

  1. reading – as usual x3 minimum
  2. Spring term group 2 spellings to learn
  3. IXL ENGLISH Y6 B1-B9 30 mins practise
  4. Mymaths – angles 4 and construction of triangles lessons online
  5. Angles worksheet (in book – with parent helpers please)
  6. Parents please sign all homework – thank you!

Don’t forget to return your protractors to school.

Remember: don’t leave it until the last minute!

Mr Day

God and The Big Bang – November 2018

Year Six enjoyed a thoroughly thought-provoking day at Manchester Cathedral today: presentations by Dr Matt Pritchard (scientist and magician extraordinaire), Caleb Gordon (environmental ethics) and Hannah Malcolm (theologist and philosopher). Big questions about life and our planet…with a few answers. We enjoyed the chance to reflect and think BIG about our role in the world…

Homework 16/11/18

Hello Year 6,

This weekend please remember to do your homework:

  1. x3 reads as usual within the week
  2. 10  min reading comprehension
  3. Finish all the ‘explanation maths’ questions in your maths homework book. Carry on from where you left off in class. Remember – most Qs need an explanation and an example of ‘how you know’.
  4. Learn SPRING TERM GROUP 1 spellings – we are working ahead of the rest of school.
  5. IXL – if you have not been on at home this week, you should consider spending at least half an hour on areas you know that you struggle with.

Have a great weekend!

Y6 homework 9/11/18

This week please:

  1. Read! Lots if you can! Enjoy it – or find something you do enjoy reading. x3 minimum as usual. Remember – our ‘reading week’ goes from Sunday to Sunday.
  2. Learn by heart group 11 words and others that follow the rule / word families.
  3. There are 3 online MYMATHS lessons and homework to complete about TIME. You should do this by MONDAY and if you have problems with the internet this could be completed at break time in school. You need to get at least 75% scores as these are YEAR 4 lessons. Keep trying to aim for your very best and do the lessons again if you need help.
  4. 10 minute reading comprehension – on paper, in your yellow homework book.
  5. 10 minute SPAG test to complete – on paper, in your yellow homework book.



Mr Day

Scary news!

Not really…just wanted to say I hope you all had a great time over Halloween and stayed safe. Be careful if you are at a bonfire this weekend too…remember to follow the fireworks code!


Don’t leave your homework until the last minute – remember to do as many corrections as possible on those test papers and hand them in on Monday.

A special mention to: Lewis, Kai, Lucy, Emilia, Lily-Ann and Meadow who have been doing their little bits of extra learning on IXL this holiday. Every little bit counts!

See you next week!

Mr Day

October 2018 Half Term Homework

Dear Year Six,

I hope you have plenty of rest this half term, but please remember to do some basic home learning inbetween snoozes and playing out:

  1. As many corrections as you can on the test papers you did during assessment week. Use a different colour pen and return the ‘test packs’ on the Monday after the holiday. Remember: if you are stuck, look for a ‘MyMaths’ lesson or some IXL questions. In maths, there’s always a way to find the answer!
  2. Group 10 spellings to learn – remember they are at the top of this page if you need them!
  3. Reading – x3 minimum during this week as usual please. Have you checked the ‘Battle of the Books’ list for ideas?

Have a safe, great holiday and see you after the break!

Mr Day

Homework 19/10/18

Hi everyone!

A reminder for this week’s homework – due Monday:

  1. x3 reads as normal recorded, unless your score was less than 25/50 in last week’s reading test- if that was the case you needed to record x6 separate ‘reads’ over this weekend.
  2. 10 min reading test – in literacy homework book.
  3. Two maths calculations sheets (BIDMAS)
  4. Be ready for ‘Grand Spell’ test: groups 1 to 9 revision.

See you on Monday!

Mr Day

Homework 12/10/18

Hello everyone.

This week’s home learning is as follows:

  1. Reading – x3 minimum as usual.
  2. Literacy – in book – x2 small SPAG tests to complete. Please work with care!
  3. Maths – division work in books. This links to this week’s work.
  4. Spellings – group 9 to learn please.
  5. 30 minutes of IXL of your own choice. Must log this in homework book and have a parent / carer sign please.


Remember: a little time invested now will help your confidence levels grow in the future!

Have a great weekend!

Mr Day

Homework 5/10/18 – due Monday

Hi Year 6!  Here’s your homework!  Enjoy!

  1. Reading x3 as usual minimum.
  2. SPAG.COM TEST – 2013
  3. 10 min comprehension – in book / on sheet
  4. Maths sheet  +  and – on sheet
  5. Group 8 spellings to learn + meanings




Mr Day

Homework 28/9/18

Hi everyone.

Homework this weekend (due Monday) includes the following:

  1. Reading – x3 MINIMUM recorded by Monday as usual.
  2. Spelling: Group 7 words. Be sure to REVISE ALL PAST WEEKS also as you may be tested on them. All the words are on this website at the top of the Y6 class page.
  3. Literacy: reading comprehension in your book (10 min task)
  4. Maths: IXL work – 20 mins on  Year 6 W4 and W5. Parents must sign maths books please.

REMEMBER: rest and play is important too. It’s best to get the homework done and then enjoy the weekend. And if you have a spare 10 mins here and there, then MYMATHS games and IXL is always a quick win and tops up your learning.

Mr Day

Homework 21/9/18

Hello Year 6

A reminder about this week’s homework – due Monday:

  1. Reading – as usual – x3 reads by Monday minimum. Have you started ‘Battle of the Books’ yet?
  2. Literacy – re-write the paragraph in your homework book. Make it SO much better!
  3. Maths – word problems – in your maths book.
  4. SPELLING: group 5 words to learn please.
  5. Have you any other work to complete? *Arithmetic test by next Friday please.

WANT TO BE THE BEST?  Don’t forget that IXL.COM is freely available for practice, as is MYMATHS.COM – don’t wait for homework to be set: just get online and get a bit of extra practice done.  Then relax and get some rest.

See you on Monday!

Mr Day

Homework 14/9/18


This week’s homework is mostly online:

  1. Maths – IXL.COM 20 mins online – negative numbers.
  2. English – IXL.COM 20 mins online – sentence types.
  3. Spellings: group 3 and 4 to learn ready for spelling test
  4. Reading: minimum x3 reads by Monday please.

PARENTS & CARERS – please sign your child’s homework book to confirm these pieces of homework have been completed. Thank you.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day


Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that this week’s homework is due on Monday and consists of:

  1. Reading – the minimum of x3 ‘reads’ should be recorded.
  2. Spelling work – see literacy book for details.
  3. Maths – number work.

Don’t forget that ALL of Year 6’s spelling words are always available on this website now. You really do need to master them – and the rules that go with them!

Get the work done and then enjoy the rest of the weekend.

See you on Monday!

Mr Day

Welcome to the Year 6 Class Page

Year Six has a very busy academic year coming up. We begin with our
creative curriculum topic: ‘Would I survive in the rainforest?’ – a
geography-led topic which takes in not only environmental study, but also
lots of ethical questions relating to issues in our own lives. We look
forward to our fundraising day – ‘Orange for Orangutan’ in November and building some sturdy shelters in class. Watch out for news, photos and information regarding these events.


In the mean time, Mr Day sought to inspire the new Year Six children…’Be
More Cloud’ is our class motto! Take a look:

Review of ‘Ye-Ha!’ Year 6 Leavers’ Production 2018

Review of Ye-Ha – Year 6 Leavers’ Production 2018

By Grace Maddock – Year 6 pupil

‘Ye-Ha!’ is the 2018 production at St Mary’s CE Primary School, High Crompton – performed by the Year 6 class. This comedy-packed show is based in the Wild Wild West, where tragedy hits.

Mad-Dog McNut and his posse have been extinguishing sheriffs one after another. There are gasps and chunners when a timid kitchen boy named Wilbur Hubbard is unfortunately chosen, and as the folk say – he was destined for death…but not with Billie-Jo Briskett on the case! As stereotypes for girls hold her back, she pulls through as the Lone Ranger and discovers the split personality of the evil Mayor Tex Truman!

So don’t miss out! ‘Ye-Ha’ is a humour-packed production. Join Year 6 in the Wild Wild West! Splodge City needs you!

How are you today?

Hello everyone.

I hope you have had a lovely Easter break, had some quality ‘down time’ and some delicious eggs!

I want to take a moment to remind you that you need to be fully ready for the next few weeks leading up to May 14th, so if you haven’t yet got your homework done, then try to get it done today and tomorrow, so that you can have all of Sunday free to yourself.

You need early nights, good food and a bit of exercise in order to be at your best. So I hope to see you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Monday, raring to go! This is your moment. Time to go for it!

Have a lovely weekend. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Mr Day