Back to school blog…

Hi everyone.

If you check the Purple Mash blog, I have added a new thread about ‘back to school’.

Take a look and add your comments if you like.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Y6 Weekly Home Learning W/C Monday 18 th May

Y6 Weekly Home Learning Plan-18-5-20 – DOWNLOAD

Maths – lessons 1 to 4 worksheets for this week –DOWNLOAD

Maths – worksheet answers lesson 1 – DOWNLOAD

Maths – worksheet answers lesson 2 – DOWNLOAD

Maths – worksheet answers lesson 3 – DOWNLOAD

Maths – worksheet answers lesson 4 – DOWNLOAD

Maths – Friday arithmetic test 3 – DOWNLOAD

RE: The Holy Qur’an – PPT – DOWNLOAD

RE: The Holy Qu’ran – worksheet – DOWNLOAD

Spanish – useful phrases – DOWNLOAD



Home learning reminder…

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well!

Just a reminder that this week’s work includes x20 mins per day on IXL – looking at the data type questions. I can see already a good number of you haven’t yet started this. Please do not leave it until later in the week – a little bit each day is the best way. Please see the slides below on home learning for more details.

I will be monitoring this all week.

Please also don’t forget to add to the class blog at some point this week.

Thank you!

Mr Day

Y6 Weekly Home Learning W/C Monday 11 th May

Y6 Weekly Home Learning Plan-11-5-20 – DOWNLOAD

Maths – x fractions 1 –DOWNLOAD

Maths – x fractions answers – DOWNLOAD

Maths – x fractions – DOWNLOAD 

Maths – x fractions answers – DOWNLOAD

Maths – ÷ fractions – DOWNLOAD

Maths – ÷ fractions answers – DOWNLOAD

Maths –  fractions of amount – DOWNLOAD

Maths –  fractions of amount answers – DOWNLOAD

Maths – arithmetic test 2 – DOWNLOAD


Science – human intervention PPT – DOWNLOAD

Science – advantages and disadvantages worksheets –DOWNLOAD

Selective and cross breeding cards – DOWNLOAD




Emotional health and mental well-being…

Hello everyone.

I just want to point you in the direction of a new set of resources on our ‘Learning’ tab dropdown on the website.

If you click on it, you will find a range of resources and documents that contain some useful advice: especially if your children are struggling somewhat during the lockdown.

Please take a moment to have a look at the resources – particularly the information on World Mental Health Awareness Day.

Don’t forget, if we can help – we will do our best. There is usually someone here at school you can talk to.

Best wishes to you all on behalf of all the staff here at St Mary’s.

Mr Day


Mymaths extra task – bar model home learning

Hello everyone!

Just an additional task that might help you with this week’s fractions – comparing mixed numbers.

I have set a mymaths lesson and homework TODAY that will last until Saturday.

Please make sure you give it a go and remember to check out.

The lesson is ‘Comparing Mixed and Improper Fractions’

I will be monitoring this closely. Remember to try and aim for 80% score or better.

Thanks and stay safe.

Mr Day

Y6 Weekly Home Learning W/C Monday 4th May

Y6 Weekly Home Learning Plan 4-5-20 – DOWNLOAD

Maths – simplifying fractions 1 –DOWNLOAD

Maths – simplifying fractions answers – DOWNLOAD

Maths – compare and order – DOWNLOAD 

Maths – Compare and order answers – DOWNLOAD

Maths – + and – fractions – DOWNLOAD

Maths – + and – fractions answers – DOWNLOAD

Maths – + and – mixed fractions – DOWNLOAD

Maths – + and – mixed fractions answers – DOWNLOAD

Ancient Greece Comprehension- DOWNLOAD

Ancient Greece Timeline events – DOWNLOAD



Music box reading answers

Hi everyone – I hope you and your families are doing well!

Here’s the link for the MUSIC BOX reading answers: DOWNLOAD

I really hope you are coping with the ‘lockdown’. At least the sun is shining eh?

Don’t forget that the No.1 thing you can do to keep your brain active is to READ. Use this time to really get into a great book.  You could even download or stream an audio book by visiting They are totally free during lockdown and there is a good selection of ‘elementary’ reads on there.

Keep an eye out for home-learning to appear here again on 20th April.

Until then, I hope you have a safe, happy Easter. You are in my thoughts. Mrs Roberts also sends her love.

Mr Day

Purple mash info and Pobble info…

Hi everyone. I hope you are well!

It appears that this week’s purple mash 2DO based on databases is unclear, so I have deleted that task and replaced it with lots of coding activities, which you should try to do in order, building up from the traffic lights (Gibbon) task through to the 2GO task (Gorilla). Try your best and remember to watch and listen to tutorials if needed. You can try these coding tasks over the next few days.

Also, the writing task is from POBBLE365.COM   – type this into your address bar to search for today’s writing tasks.

Thank you and take care!

Mr Day

Homework 13/3/20

Hello Y6… by Tuesday please:

1) SPAG.COM full test to do

2) Important!…

IXL.COM – Y6 cc3 cc4 cc5 cc6

3) 2 mymaths lessons (RATIO)

4) reading as usual

5) gp 10 spellings to learn

Thank you!

Mr Day


Homework 6/3/20

Hi Year 6

With about 9 weeks to SATs, it’s important to remain focused and to try hard to master any work you are given…and also to make sure you have some good quality ‘down time’ too!

So – this weekend (to hand in Tuesday) please:

  1. Make sure you have read the usual x3 times.
  2. Complete the ’10 min’ reading comprehension properly.
  3. Complete the short maths test as best you can.
  4. Learn gp 9 spring term spellings.
  5. Get some quality sleep and have some FUN!

See you on Monday

Mr Day

Homework 28/2/20



  1. Learn gp 8 spring term words
  2. Reading as usual
  3. Maths worksheet with Place Value work and number to complete on the sheet.
  4. SPAG test in yellow book.

Thank you Year 6!

Mr Day

Half-term homework 14/2/20

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder for the homework:

  1. x3 reads this week as usual please.
  2. Spellings to learn -Spring term gp 7
  3. Corrections from recent tests in a different colour pen – work hard to see where you could improve.

…and have a break from it all too!

Be safe.

Mr Day

Homework 7/2/20


Because we’ve had a very busy week with tests (and more tests!) and in honour of ‘child mental health week’ I thought that I would give you a weekend off homework – more or less!

So please, all I ask is:

  1. You complete your usual required amount of reading by Sunday.
  2. You prepare for a Spring Term ‘Grand Spell’ groups 1 – 5

And that’s it! Unless of course you have the urge to use IXL, MYMATHS or your CGP revision books for SATs.

Have a great weekend! Oh – and please remind your parents that it is parents’ evening on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Mr Day

Homework 31/1/20 – due Tuesday please!

  1. 2 online MYMATHS lessons – percentages  and decimals, fractions, percentages to do. 80% + please
  2. Reading as usual – 3 reads and MUST RECORD NEW /INTERESTING WORDS 27th Jan – 2 Feb
  3. SPAG mini test to do – in yellow book please.
  4. Learn gp 4 spellings for test next week.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Y6 Homework – for Tuesday

Hi everyone

This weekend:

  1. See maths homework book: 20 mins targetted IXL to complete and sign for please.
  2. Learn gp 3 spellings
  3. You should have completed the maths keepy-uppy work from this week already – corrections and unfinished work.
  4. Reading as usual.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day


Homework 17/1/20

This weekend – for Tuesday

  1. Reading as usual (remember we monitor this Monday)
  2. SPAG test in literacy book to do – be strict with yourself on this one.
  3. Spellings – test for gp 1 is Monday, but please also learn gp 2 for Friday.
  4. Any other IXL work you choose to do is a bonus!
  5. Any other additional homework you may have been given by Mr Day.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Homework 10/1/20

Happy New Year everyone!  Homework due for TUESDAY please:

This weekend’s homework is:

  1. An optional story (of good quality) no more than 2x A4 pages please.
  2. Spellings – spring term, gp 1 to learn.
  3. Maths – any corrections or finishing off work from our ‘keepy-uppy’ sessions.
  4. Reading comprehension to do – in yellow book.
  5. Reading – recorded as we usually require – x3 reads from 6th-12th December

Thank you!

Have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Christmas is nearly here!


First – a massive THANK YOU to everyone for their kind Christmas messages, cards and gifts – too much!! I am very grateful!

Secondly – and this is the bit you’ll like – the only thing I’d like you to do regarding homework is to keep up the reading over Christmas. I think x6 reads recorded should do it as a minimum.

Wishing you all and your families a joyful, peaceful Christmas.

See you on Tuesday, 7th January 2020!

Mr Day

Homework 13/12/19

Hello everyone!

Homework – for Tuesday please:

  1. Short ‘SPAG’ test to complete in your yellow book.  Please take care with this and follow instructions.
  2. Spend 20 minutes on IXL.COM MATHS – Year 6 – S1 to S5 co-ordinates questions. Keep an eye on the time and be sure you have answered plenty of questions in the time. I will be checking this.
  3. Reading – as usual – make sure that you have recorded at least x3 reads between Monday 9th December and Sunday 15th December.

The good news is that (apart from reading) this is your last homework task for 2019. The next homework will be set next decade!

Mr Day

Homework 6/12/19

Hi Year 6!

Well done with your calendars last week!

This weekend:

  1. Reading – must have completed x3 reads from Monday 2nd Dec to Sunday 8th Dec
  2. Maths test – in your book. Must be completed.
  3. IXL.COM – English – spend at least x15 mins this weekend – apostrophe Qs  Y3 L11, L13,  Y4  B9, 10, 11 This must be done, but you do not need to log the questions. I will be checking on Monday.
  4. Grand spell next week – ALL Autumn words. Be ready!

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day