Easter Service 2021

Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is the link for this weeks assembly entitled Me first!

In it, we think about times when it is OK to be first, or to want to be first, but we also consider those times when being first should not be the most important thing. We go on to think about the topsy turvy statement that Jesus made about the first being last and the last being first and as usual there is a story.

Me First!


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

This weeks assembly is called WWJD? and is all about the value of service. It looks at a question that Jesus’ disciples asked him about who was the greatest. There are several places to stop and think about who the children think is the greatest and why, what criteria we use to decide who is the greatest and whether we can actually decide at all and a further place at the end of the video to think about how we can serve others.

We hope you enjoy and that it provokes some interesting discussions.


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is the final Topsy Turvy video of this half term called Bee Loving! With Valentine’s Day at the end of the week, we are thinking about love and how we show love to others.

I discovered that St Valentine is the patron saint of lovers and also bee keepers and so we look at how bees can teach us a thing or two about how to love.

There is a game which involves making as many words as you can from the word Valentine, fun facts about St. Valentine and the story of The Good Samaritan with places to pause and think as usual.

Bee Loving!


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is this weeks video entitled The True You, which is all about our gifts and talents and how we use them.

There is a memory game at the beginning, opportunities to think and reflect and a story called The Parable of the Talents.

I hope you and your children enjoy it.

The True You


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is Groundbreakers Assembly 7 looking at the proverb, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.

There is a game of charades to play, places to pause and reflect and a story Jesus told about how our actions must match up to what we are saying.

Hope you enjoy…

Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is Assembly 6 which is all about the dangers of boasting and being “puffed up”. As usual there are places to pause and reflect … hope you enjoy.

Too Clever is Dumb!


Emotional health and mental well-being…

Hello everyone.

I just want to point you in the direction of a new set of resources on our ‘Learning’ tab dropdown on the website.

If you click on it, you will find a range of resources and documents that contain some useful advice: especially if your children are struggling somewhat during the lockdown.

Please take a moment to have a look at the resources – particularly the information on World Mental Health Awareness Day.

Don’t forget, if we can help – we will do our best. There is usually someone here at school you can talk to.

Best wishes to you all on behalf of all the staff here at St Mary’s.

Mr Day


Thank you

Thank you for sending us some photos of the lovely work you have been completing at home, we love to see what you have been doing. We are very proud of you for working so hard. We are missing you all and hope to see you soon.




Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Burke and Mrs Booth

Chester Trip 2019

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to the Grosvenor Musuem in Chester. We enjoyed learning all about life in Roman times and getting to experience being members of the Roman army!

Shaw market debate

Children had a great time participating in a debate as part of learning about the British values – individual liberty and democracy. We discussed whether Shaw market should stay on the high street or move back to it’s old location behind the shops. There were strong arguments from both sides. After a heated debate, a vote was taken. The result was the majority wanted the market to stay on the high street. Well done everyone for taking part!


We’re so proud of all of our amazing Year 4s for their incredible performance in their class assembly. Children clearly delivered key messages on the importance of respect.

Well done Year 4!


Biscuit Making

Year 4 have had a very busy morning creating biscuits to sell tomorrow. The money raised will go to charity. There were many exciting combinations, like chocolate and cherry and banana and cinnamon! They worked well as a team.

Hindu Temple Visit

Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Hindu temple. We learnt lots about the Hindu faith. During our visit we observed the ceremony arti, looked at models of gods and goddess and the heard the stories behind them and also got to try some prasad! Thank you very much to the volunteers at the Hindu temple for allowing us to visit.


Spanish Afternoon

Year 4 had a great time finishing off our Spain topic with a Spanish afternoon. We enjoyed trying some Spanish food, listening to Spanish music, creating some artwork inspired by the Spanish artist Gaudi and had a go at Flamenco dancing.

Shaw Market Debate

Children enjoyed participating in a debate on whether Shaw Market should stay on the High Street or move back behind the shops. They took on roles as different members of the local community either for or against the issue and discussed their opinions. After all opinions had been shared a democratic vote was held.

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page

The teachers in our class are Mrs Booth (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning) and Mrs Burke (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.)

Our Big Questions this year are: Why were the Romans so powerful and how do we know they were in our area? Donde en España estoy? (Where in Spain am I?) Where in the UK am I? Who were the greatest invaders? We will be going on lots of visits and having interesting visitors throughout the year to help us with our learning.