Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page!

The teachers in our class are Mrs Booth (Mondays) and Mrs Burke (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.)


Our Big Questions this year are: Why were the Romans so powerful and how do we know they were in our area? What was life like as a child during the Industrial Revolution? Donde en España estoy? (Where in Spain am I?) Where in the UK am I?  Who were the greatest invaders?

Roman Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic time at Castleshaw learning about the Romans in our local area. We looked at different Roman artefacts, learnt about the Roman army and tried out some different formations and also explored the Roman fort.


Year 4 Sports Day

Fabulous efforts from everyone at Year 4’s Sports Day. Well done Year 4!

Chester Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to the Grosvenor Musuem in Chester. We enjoyed learning all about life in Roman times and getting to experience being members of the Roman army!

Shaw market debate

Children had a great time participating in a debate as part of learning about the British values – individual liberty and democracy. We discussed whether Shaw market should stay on the high street or move back to it’s old location behind the shops. There were strong arguments from both sides. After a heated debate, a vote was taken. The result was the majority wanted the market to stay on the high street. Well done everyone for taking part!


We’re so proud of all of our amazing Year 4s for their incredible performance in their class assembly. Children clearly delivered key messages on the importance of respect.

Well done Year 4!


Biscuit Making

Year 4 have had a very busy morning creating biscuits to sell tomorrow. The money raised will go to charity. There were many exciting combinations, like chocolate and cherry and banana and cinnamon! They worked well as a team.

Hindu Temple Visit

Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Hindu temple. We learnt lots about the Hindu faith. During our visit we observed the ceremony arti, looked at models of gods and goddess and the heard the stories behind them and also got to try some prasad! Thank you very much to the volunteers at the Hindu temple for allowing us to visit.


Spanish Afternoon

Year 4 had a great time finishing off our Spain topic with a Spanish afternoon. We enjoyed trying some Spanish food, listening to Spanish music, creating some artwork inspired by the Spanish artist Gaudi and had a go at Flamenco dancing.

Shaw Market Debate

Year 4 had a wonderful time discussing the issue of whether Shaw market should stay on High Street or move back behind the shops. There were several strong opinions from both sides. After a heated debate, the result of the vote was announced. The For side won and the market will stay on High Street. Well done everyone!

Electrical Cards

In our Science lessons, we have been learning about electricity.  As part of our D.T lessons the children have designed and created Christmas cards containing an electric circuit.  Here are their wonderful creations!

PE Fun in Year 4!

This term we have been learning to balance in gymnastics, using the apparatus.  Also, we have created a dance routine, turning darkness into light, as part of our R.E unit.  The children performed emotional routines and were very creative with their holds.

Experience Church

The children from Year Two to Year Six have spent time at St Mary’s Church, to participate in the ‘Experience Church’ event. This gave them the opportunity to reflect, discuss and learn about the importance of the different parts of the Church and the role that they play in the life of the Church. The stations included: the entrance, Lectern, Font, Altar, Votive Stand, Kneelers and the stories in the windows. The children really enjoyed creating their own stained glass windows, to create candle holders to reflect that ‘Jesus is the Light of the World.’ They also created origami birds, in which they folded their worries, and flew them away. Lots of deeper discussions were held about Christians being disciples of God and about the importance of prayer. The children learnt about the Christian values and the value of what we can bring to the Church and take away into the wider world.