Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page

The teachers in our class are Mrs Booth (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning) and Mrs Burke (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.)

Our Big Questions this year are: Why were the Romans so powerful and how do we know they were in our area? Donde en España estoy? (Where in Spain am I?) Where in the UK am I? Who were the greatest invaders? We will be going on lots of visits and having interesting visitors throughout the year to help us with our learning.

Biscuit Making

Year 4 have had a very busy morning creating biscuits to sell tomorrow. The money raised will go to charity. There were many exciting combinations, like chocolate and cherry and banana and cinnamon! They worked well as a team.

Hindu Temple Visit

Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Hindu temple. We learnt lots about the Hindu faith. During our visit we observed the ceremony arti, looked at models of gods and goddess and the heard the stories behind them and also got to try some prasad! Thank you very much to the volunteers at the Hindu temple for allowing us to visit.


Spanish Afternoon

Year 4 had a great time finishing off our Spain topic with a Spanish afternoon. We enjoyed trying some Spanish food, listening to Spanish music, creating some artwork inspired by the Spanish artist Gaudi and had a go at Flamenco dancing.

Shaw Market Debate

Children enjoyed participating in a debate on whether Shaw Market should stay on the High Street or move back behind the shops. They took on roles as different members of the local community either for or against the issue and discussed their opinions. After all opinions had been shared a democratic vote was held.

Chester Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic time on our trip to Chester. The children enjoyed becoming members of the Roman Army, learning about different formations and marching around the streets of Chester. After lunch we spent time learning more about others aspects of Roman life and got to handle some real Roman artifacts.

Year 4 Trip to Hindu Temple

Year 4 had a fantastic time at the Hindu temple. We learnt so much about the Hindu faith. Children enjoyed looking at the models of the different gods and hearing the stories behind them and even got to try some prasad. Thank you to the Hindu priest and Mrs Sodia for being so kind and welcoming.

Easter 2017

Year Four Easter Service.

We are so proud of our Year Four class. They have worked so hard on their Easter service, and have retold one of the most powerful and important stories from the bible with compassion, commitment and understanding.   Every child spoke clearly and with confidence.  The singing was emotional and the acting was heart felt.  We can’t believe how many super stars we have. Well done for an outstanding production!