Stone Age to Iron Age Workshop

Year 3 had lots of fun in a history workshop, revising their learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. They enjoyed lots of hands on practical learning, including dating and sketching artefacts, revising chronology skills with timelines (including a toilet roll one), re-enacting the day of a Hunter Gatherer and considering the main changes that occurred in Britain during this period.

Welcome to Key Stage 2 Booklet

Click HERE to download the Welcome to Key Stage 2 booklet which explains what happens in Year 3 and will help with the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page!

Year 3 have made a wonderful start to their Key Stage 2 journey and are looking forward to sharing their learning adventures with you.

Mrs Thomas



Year 3 Castleshaw Trip

Year 3 loved learning all about rivers on their recent trip to Castleshaw.

After donning their waterproofs, they had great fun wading through a stream to find the source of the river!



Year 3 Tomb Raiders

As part of our Ancient Egyptian topic, Year 3  had lots of fun learning about the archaeologist Howard Cater and what he discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Working in teams,  each archaeologist took turns to explore the tomb and observe the many wondrous artefacts.  After taking in as much detail as possible,  in a limited time due to the build up of poisonous gasses over thousands of years,  they described their finds to their team members and then sketched these in their log books.

Following this, we took a virtual tour of a Tutankhamun exhibition to see the artefacts in real life.

Monster Pizzas

Year 3 have worked hard writing instructions on how to make a Monster Pizza. They couldn’t wait to have a go using some of the rather horrid and unusual ingredients!

Have a look at the monstrously good results.


Bolton Museum

Year 3 saw ‘wonderful things’ during their visit to Bolton Museum.  They took part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop, explored a reconstruction of Pharaoh Thutmose’s tomb and even had time to visit the aquarium.



Spanish Day

Flamenco dancing, singing and games were all part of St Mary’s Spanish day.


DT – Levers and Linkages

Year 3 have been busy using levers and linkages to make a hand wave, and a dragon move.

Will they be able to use their skills to design and make a prehistoric animal with moving parts?