Homework 17/1/20

This weekend – for Tuesday

  1. Reading as usual (remember we monitor this Monday)
  2. SPAG test in literacy book to do – be strict with yourself on this one.
  3. Spellings – test for gp 1 is Monday, but please also learn gp 2 for Friday.
  4. Any other IXL work you choose to do is a bonus!
  5. Any other additional homework you may have been given by Mr Day.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Homework 10/1/20

Happy New Year everyone!  Homework due for TUESDAY please:

This weekend’s homework is:

  1. An optional story (of good quality) no more than 2x A4 pages please.
  2. Spellings – spring term, gp 1 to learn.
  3. Maths – any corrections or finishing off work from our ‘keepy-uppy’ sessions.
  4. Reading comprehension to do – in yellow book.
  5. Reading – recorded as we usually require – x3 reads from 6th-12th December

Thank you!

Have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Cross country winners 2019!

Our KS 2 pupils came out as victorious winners of the prestigious Shaw cluster cross country event this autumn! So many times we were runners-up and this year we clinched the title!

Excellent work team!

Badminton Tournament 2019

Our last tournament went really well (as usual!) and there was excellent sporting attitudes and a great range of talent on display during the evening. Mr Gardner’s last tournament for St Mary’s as ‘Head coach’ – but hopefully we will see him return as a guest in the future.

Christmas Carol Service 2019

The Carol Service which was led by Year 5, on the last day of term, was a truly memorable event. There was so much talent on display as the class performed the story of ‘The Little Match Girl’s Christmas’ and linked together all the elements of the service-the outstanding performances by the band, choir and woodwind group, the prayers and the presentation of the posada to the bishop.

Christmas is nearly here!


First – a massive THANK YOU to everyone for their kind Christmas messages, cards and gifts – too much!! I am very grateful!

Secondly – and this is the bit you’ll like – the only thing I’d like you to do regarding homework is to keep up the reading over Christmas. I think x6 reads recorded should do it as a minimum.

Wishing you all and your families a joyful, peaceful Christmas.

See you on Tuesday, 7th January 2020!

Mr Day

Homework 13/12/19

Hello everyone!

Homework – for Tuesday please:

  1. Short ‘SPAG’ test to complete in your yellow book.  Please take care with this and follow instructions.
  2. Spend 20 minutes on IXL.COM MATHS – Year 6 – S1 to S5 co-ordinates questions. Keep an eye on the time and be sure you have answered plenty of questions in the time. I will be checking this.
  3. Reading – as usual – make sure that you have recorded at least x3 reads between Monday 9th December and Sunday 15th December.

The good news is that (apart from reading) this is your last homework task for 2019. The next homework will be set next decade!

Mr Day

Homework 6/12/19

Hi Year 6!

Well done with your calendars last week!

This weekend:

  1. Reading – must have completed x3 reads from Monday 2nd Dec to Sunday 8th Dec
  2. Maths test – in your book. Must be completed.
  3. IXL.COM – English – spend at least x15 mins this weekend – apostrophe Qs  Y3 L11, L13,  Y4  B9, 10, 11 This must be done, but you do not need to log the questions. I will be checking on Monday.
  4. Grand spell next week – ALL Autumn words. Be ready!

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Chester Trip 2019

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to the Grosvenor Musuem in Chester. We enjoyed learning all about life in Roman times and getting to experience being members of the Roman army!

Homework 29/11/19

Hello Year Six!

A nice task for you this weekend!

Make your own maths advent calendar, complete with 24 carefully scored-out doors and 24 maths problems inside. REMEMBER: get adult help when you get to the stage of scoring with scissors – do not do this alone! Card and plain paper was distributed for this task on Friday.

The daily maths problem needs to be Y6 standard (IXL or Mymaths could help you generate short questions) and they could also be times-tables practise questions. Each ‘door’ should have the solution to the previous day on the inside of the door, whilst the next new question goes on the sheet underneath.

Do not stick the doors closed when you attach the backing sheet, or you won’t be able to open the doors!

Bring them back in on Tuesday, finished to a high quality – we will display them and open up each others’ calendars in the run-up to Christmas.

Please note: due to the panto today, spelling test for group 11 words will be on Monday. There will be a GRAND SPELL to get ready for on FRIDAY 6th December – all autumn term words please!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Mr Day

Homework 22/11/19

Hi everyone

This weekend’s homework:

  1. Reading as usually required
  2. Maths – ’10 min’ test in book. Be sure to finish it please.
  3. SPAG.COM online test to do – ‘2013 SATs’ test
  4. Group 11 spellings to learn – remember to learn them FOR LIFE!

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

DT – Levers and Linkages

Year 3 have been busy using levers and linkages to make a hand wave, and a dragon move.

Will they be able to use their skills to design and make a prehistoric animal with moving parts?


Homework 15/11/19

Hi Year 6!  Look out for a really good piece of writing, which will appear on this page very soon!

Homework this weekend – due Monday please:

  1. Reading – make sure you have read x3 times since last Monday
  2. Reading comprehension – on the sheet you started in class.
  3. Week 10 spellings to learn for a test next week.

Thank you!

Be safe! Be happy!

Mr Day

Homework 8/11/19

Hello Year 6!

Homework this weekend – due Monday please:

  1. Make sure you have read x3 times as per usual and recorded new/interesting words.
  2. 10 min reading comprehension (make sure it is finished please – even if you go over 10 mins)
  3. x2 Mymaths lessons and homework – if unfinished in school, they must be completed by Monday.
  4. Spelling gp 9 to learn
  5. Any extra IXL.COM maths you think you might need – fractions work especially! ‘The more you put in, the more you get out!’

Take care!

Mr Day

October Half-term homework

Hello everyone!

Just a note to say that your homework is to go over your maths and SPAG tests with a different colour pen and try and do some corrections – if you are close to full-marks already, then aim to get every question correct! If you have a lot to do, let’s agree that you need to try and correct at least 5 on each paper (more if you like though!)

Reading homework is as usual -x3 reads over the week please.

Have a good holiday and see you in November!

Mr Day

Homework 18/10/19


This week’s home learning is:

  1. Get ready for next week’s ‘Grand Spell’ test – revise all the words from group 1 to group 7
  2. Literacy: there is a mini reading test in your book. Please answer all questions with care – aim to complete in no more than 20 mins.
  3. Maths: there is a mini maths test in your book. Aim to finish every question (you could use Mymaths or IXL as help if needed!) spend no more than 30 mins on this.

To give everyone a bit more time on this, I will accept the maths and literacy handed in on TUESDAY, but you must ensure that all the reading is completed and handed in for checking on Monday as usual.

Thanks everyone,

Mr Day


Homework 11/10/19


I am going a bit easier on homework this weekend – although next week is assessment week in school, so the better prepared you are, the better you will do!


  1. 3 READS RECORDED – 1 ON FRIDAY, 1 ON SATURDAY AND 1 ON SUNDAY – 20 MINS EACH (don’t forget to collect new or interesting words)
  2. Spellings to learn  – group 7 (Grand spell is in the last week of this half term)
  3. Arithmetic test CORRECTIONS – AIM FOR FULL MARKS! Use a different colour pen to do corrections. Please note there are some helpful fractions pictures on this web page to help with the trickier arithmetic!

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Homework 4/10/19

Hi everyone

This weekend:

  1. Reading as usual – x3 reads by Monday.
  2. Maths – 10 min test in your book.  Try your hardest and give yourself 30  mins maximum
  3. SPAG.COM online test to do.  This should be done Friday or Monday in school time if you have no internet/computer access at home. Usernames / passwords are stuck in your homework diary.
  4. Spellings to learn – Group 5 for next week’s test.

Have a good weekend Year 6!

Mr Day

Homework 27/9/19

Hello Y6!

Homework this weekend – due Monday – is:

  1. Reading as usual – x3 ‘reads’ recorded since last Sunday. Are you following the metromap?
  2. Spellings to learn – group 4 words (they’re on this web page if you need them!)
  3. MyMaths online lessons and homework – x1 lesson on negative numbers  x1 lesson on place value – details are stuck in your homework book and you were given a letter with your login details too. 30 minutes on this max.
  4. Reading comprehension – stuck in your book. You may complete this on the sheet.

Please make sure your parents/carers check and sign homework.

Thank you.

Mr Day


Autumn term

The term is well under way and all the children in Year 3 have been working extremely hard.


Homework 20/9/19

Hello everyone!

Homework – due Monday and SIGNED BY PARENTS / CARERS PLEASE:

  1. Reading x3 minimum. Please make sure you collect new/interesting vocab also.
  2. IXL – 20mins online maths (see book) plus 3 example questions recorded
  3. IXL – 20mins online English (see book) plus 3 example questions recorded
  4. Spelling – group 3 to learn

Thanks and have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Homework 13/9/19


Homework this weekend is:

  1. Reading as usual – ensure x3 recorded reads by Monday.  Are you following your Metro Map?
  2. 10 minute ‘SATs buster’ reading test to complete: SET A TEST 1
  3. 10 minute ‘SATs buster’ maths test to complete SET A TEST 1    (if you struggle a bit, look at IXL or mymaths for the section that might help you to solve the question)
  4. Spellings to learn – group 2 autumn term

Remember: IXL. mymaths, TT Rockstars and Espresso are ALWAYS available for extra practise. ‘You get out what you put in’ where effort is concerned.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the ‘Tour of Britain’ cycle race if you go and watch it!

Mr Day

Welcome to Year 5 Class Page

The Year 5 children have made an excellent start to the year and are looking forward to the challenges ahead. This term, they will think about the question ‘What makes the Earth Angry?’ To answer this question, they will be learning about mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.

The science topic of Materials has captured the children’s curiosity and prompted lots of questions.

Homework 6/9/19

Y6 Homework – due Monday 9th September

  1. Spellings to learn – Autumn Term group 1. Ready for a test next week. Keep your sheet in your book bag so it is handy in school too.
  2. Maths – IXL Place Value questions  (x20 mins practise and log examples into homework book)
  3. English – IXL Root words questions (x20 mins practise and log examples into homework book)
  4. Reading – x3 ‘reads’ logged into green reading records by Monday please. Remember to collect new / interesting vocabulary.  Please remember to only log ‘reads’ from books on the new ‘Metro Map’ system from the blue boxes in the library.

Have a great weekend!

Mr Day

Welcome to the Y6 class page!

Hello! And welcome. You made it! Your final year here at St Mary’s! How exciting!

Together, let’s make this year your best EVER year of learning in preparation for the next step of your education.

This web page will be an important point of reference for you and your families on a weekly basis.

On it, you are likely to find:

  • Homework information
  • Spelling lists (see the link at the top of this page!)
  • Top tips and learning links to other web pages
  • Key information or news
  • Pieces of children’s outstanding work
  • Photos of exciting events
  • Reminders and prompts to help you get the best from your education

To start with, a reminder that all of you can now access (for FREE!) the excellent ESPRESSO from Discovery Education by simply going to:

www.discoveryeducation.co.uk       clicking on ‘espresso’ and then using the following usernames and passwords:

student18496   student18496

I hope you find some time to use it over the coming year – it will help you get ahead with topic revision, provide you with simple and effective learning platforms and of course provide invaluable as a resource in preparation for your SATs tests next May.

A polite reminder for the new term: before you left for the summer break, all children and parents were reminded that in September 2019 it would be a requirement for ALL children to have a proper book bag and just a simple PE bag for the new school year – rather than the ever bigger ‘rucksack’ type bags that have been coming in. There was also a reminder that pencil cases are not needed as everything is provided in class. Please ensure that you comply with these requirements. Thank you.

Remember to check back here regularly for updates, news, information and lots more!

You are very welcome in Year 6! I hope you enjoy it!

Mr Day

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page

Welcome to Year 3 and the start of your child’s Key Stage 2  journey.

Please take some time to look at our web page.

Here you will find:

Photographs of exciting things.

A copy of the termly spellings.

Useful websites and information.


Please note, your child’s green reading record contains all the details you will need to log into Times Tables Rockstars, My Maths, SPaG.com and Purple Mash.  It is important that your child’s green reading record is kept in your child’s blue book bag and brought to school every day.


In class, the quality text we are reading is Charlotte’s Web by E.B White.











Autumn 1 Spellings

A spelling test will take place every Thursday. Please ensure your child brings their red spelling book to school on this day.

Please click on the link below to view this term’s spelling sheet.

Autumn 1 Term 1 Website

Thank you …and a few shots from the Y6 leavers’ slideshow…

I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who bought kind gifts, sent lovely cards and said thoughtful words as we ended this school  year – it is so very much appreciated! So much generosity, thoughtfulness and love all around!

Here’s just a few piccis from the slide show that was shown in church – just in case you missed any! Feel free to get in touch if you’d like a copy for yourselves and I’ll see what I can do!

Best wishes for a safe and happy summer and good luck for September!

Mr Day

Year Six Eucharist July 2019

Year Six assisted Bishop Mark to hold their final Eucharist at St Mary’s. The singing was beautiful; the prayers heartfelt and the readings clear and meaningful. We want to say a special ‘thank-you’ to the Bishop for taking the time to share in this important event.