Year Six Eucharist July 2019

Year Six assisted Bishop Mark to hold their final Eucharist at St Mary’s. The singing was beautiful; the prayers heartfelt and the readings clear and meaningful. We want to say a special ‘thank-you’ to the Bishop for taking the time to share in this important event.

Crosby Beach 2019

Year 5 had an excellent day on Crosby Beach, where they learnt about coastal features, Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’, sea life and wind power. The day was made even better with the beautiful sunny weather.

Martin Mere Trip

Year 2 pupils enjoyed learning about habitats and food chains today at Martin Mere. They found lots of amazing creatures when pond dipping which created lots of excitement. They then visited the next habitat to collect and identify minibeasts in the woodland. They realised that if one type of animal died then this affected all the other animals. They learnt that animals each have a role within a habitat such as making compost, putting air in the soil or pollinating plants. They loved walking around in the glorious sunshine watching all the wildlife and waterfowl…especially the flamingoes!

Experience Pentecost

The Year Two to Year Six children have taken part in a number of exciting and thought provoking activities, in order to learn all about Pentecost. They have learnt all about the value of waiting patiently for things, working together as a team and being brave in difficult situations.  They know how the word and love of God started small and is now followed across the world. The children were left with the question, how can you show God’s love through your actions?


Half term homework

Hi everyone!

All you need to do is have a lovely holiday, keep up your reading and learn your lines for the production.

See you all in a week or so!

Be safe.

Mr Day

Y6 homework 3/5/19

Hi everyone

After a tough week of intensive learning and assessments, this weekend I encourage you to spend time relaxing and having fun. Keep up your reading as always and if you have any ‘weaker’ areas – especially with maths or spellings– just spend a little time practising to put your mind at rest.

Other than that, come back on Tuesday refreshed and ready to go!

Have a good weekend everyone

Mr Day


Homework 26/4/19


This weekend:

  1. Please complete the reading comprehension on the sheet provided.
  2. Ensure that you have logged your x3 reads from last week – ready for inspection on Monday.
  3. Learn spellings for summer term group 10

Also – remember to do any further revision for maths and SPAG as you feel you need.

‘You get out what you put in’

Have a great weekend!

Mr Day




Hey Year Six,

Alongside your EXAM NINJA list, the document above might prove useful when preparing for the SPAG test. Click on the link and a word list should magically appear! There is no guarantee that any of these words will come up, but you can bet that similar spellings will! Make it your mission to smash it!

See you soon

Be happy!

Mr Day

Easter Homework 2019

Hi everyone

Firstly –  I hope you have a lovely Easter and come back having had a nice rest and some fun times (and not too much chocolate!)

However, as you know SATs week looms beginning Monday 13th May and you will want to be ready. So we cannot totally sit back and do nothing over Easter!  Here’s what you NEED to do and what I’d LIKE you to do:


  1. Reading. Reading. Reading. Lots of it if you can – and lots of different texts too! You all have been given non-fiction texts to read over Easter alongside your normal reading book. Be sure to question what you read and think deeply – especially about new / tricky words. Talking about your reading is just as important as the reading itself! And most importantly try to ENJOY your reading!
  2. Maths – you have a TIME paper with SATs-style Qs to answer. There is a letter to parents and a SLIP that needs to come back into school the first day back. Please ensure this is completed in full.
  3. Arithmetic extension test to complete and return to school. Aim for full marks. No excuses!
  4. Spellings to learn: Grand Spell coming up the first week back based on SUMMER SPELLINGS GROUPS 1-9


  1. A little bit of revision or catch-up learning where you need to – there are a wide variety of resources available to you now: CGP revision books, IXL.COM, the maths links from the Y6 class page, Mymaths and so on. If fractions isn’t your thing, then make it your thing by studying! If you are not the best at co-ordinates, there are plenty of resources out there to practise with.
  2. Become an EXPERT SPELLER. Dig out your EXAM NINJA lists – it’s these types of words that will come up in your SPAG test. Be ready to smash it!
  3. NOT WORRY. What’s the point? It’s just wasted energy. If you know that you are ready to give it your best and that you have tried hard then that’s all I can ask for. Be in a good state of mind for these tests. Be proud of your efforts and you will feel good about yourself.

Have a great Easter!

Mr Day

Homework 29/3/19

Hi everyone,

  1. Reading – as usual
  2. Maths test ‘Summer 2018’ paper 2 to complete by Wednesday.
  3. SPAG worksheets – in yellow homework book – for Monday please.
  4. Spellings to learn – gp 8
  5. Old tests – look through them. Show your parents. Be proud of your efforts!  Revise areas where you are weakest.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Homework 22/3/19

Hi everyone,

A reminder about this week’s homework:

  1. Make sure x3 reads recorded by Monday 24th March (since Sunday 17th March)
  2. Reading each day next week Mon – Fri – signed and recorded words please.
  3. SATs style reading comprehension test to complete – hand in Tuesday checked and signed please.
  4. IXL maths – x30 mins minimum – make a full A4 page of notes / diagrams about what you covered. This is due Wednesday 27th.
  5. Spellings to learn – gp 5 and 7 summer term.

Also – a reminder about ONLINE gaming / WHATSAPP squabbles and issues: if you take part in any unkind online activity this will not be tolerated. These out-of-school problems are taking far too much time away from learning in school and at a time where your focus should be on achieving your very best exam results, this is unacceptable. All parties to any unkindness or thoughtless actions in these forums will be put directly  into a school ‘reflection’ and parents informed. You have been warned. If in doubt, stay out of these forums or delete yourself from a group in order to stay safe and out of any possible trouble.

Mr Day

Homework 15/3/19

Hi all

homework this weekend includes:

  1. Reading test (due Tuesday)
  2. Maths test (due Wednesday)  – both signed please
  3. Spelling gp 4 to learn.
  4. 3 reads next week (Sunday to Sunday)
  5. Any extra learning as required: you know where you struggled in the maths tests!

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget you can now access Espresso at home:

student18496   student18496

Reading test

Homework 8/3/19

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder about this week’s homework:

  1. From Friday 8th to Sunday 10th March a minimum of 2 recorded, signed ‘reads’ please. Remember to collect interesting or new words.
  2. Reasoning maths paper B – to be completed for Tuesday.
  3. Spelling gp 3 to learn.
  4. Old and past papers – look at them with your parents: use them to concentrate on areas of weakness and to improve – I do not need these back in school.
  5. On Monday, you will receive your ’10 min reading’ SATs style comprehension – due Wednesday.
  6. Some poorly-completed work on ‘dual duty words’ may have to be repeated next week.


Have a good weekend.

Mr Day

Visit to Bolton Museum

Year 3 visited Bolton Museum to find out about life in Egyptian times. They explored a variety of artefacts and a replica tomb. They even saw a preserved body that had been mummified in Egyptian times.



Homework 1/3/19

Hi everyone.

Homework this weekend:

  1. By Monday, please ensure you have read 3 times since 24th February.
  2. Next Monday to Thursday read 15 mins per night (minimum), record it, collect words and have your green reader signed each day.
  3. Complete MYMATHS MIXED ASSESSMENT 5 by Tuesday. 80% score if possible and remember to check-out!
  4. Summer term gp 2 spellings to learn.
  5. 10 min reading test in yellow book to complete by Monday.

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Mr DayBy

Y6 Half-term homework February 2019

Hi everyone!

Be sure to have a good rest this week and get some air into your lungs!

In those interim moments, please be sure to get your homework done too:

  1. There is a 3-part reading comprehension paper to complete fully.
  2. Complete maths reasoning paper.

These tests are not ‘timed’: you should work until you have attempted every question to the best of your ability.

TOP TIP: ‘Mymaths’ and IXL are ALWAYS available for extra support / explanations and practise for maths

See you after the holiday.

Mr Day

Homework 8/2/19

Hi everyone,

Not too much this weekend:


  1. Reading as usual
  2. Arithmetic test to completed by Tuesday – aim for full marks!
  3. Test out some pop-up mechanisms to use in your topic work.
  4. Be ready for ‘Grand spell’ next week.


Mr Day

Homework 1/2/19

Hi everyone

Homework this week is:

  1. Corrections from your recent reading test to complete.
  2. Spelling-prepare for Grand Spell (all Spring term words)
  3. Maths & SPAG IXL practise – as much as you need.
  4. Reading tasks in your yellow book – character analysis, plot and so on.

Have a great weekend!

Mr Day