Y6 Homework 14th October

Hello Year 6

Just a reminder that your homework is in your book and there are videos posted on SEESAW to help with the calculations. Please also remember that there is a GRAND SPELL next week – please be prepared by revising all Autumn Term 1 spellings from the lists on the website.  Thank you

Mr Day

Y6 homework 30/9/21

YEAR SIX HOMEWORK 30/9/21 – Due by Monday 4th October 2021


Hello Y6,


Homework this weekend please:


1) Reading – record new / unusual vocab x3 times before Monday


2)  LBQ.COM – English and maths tasks – one is on subordinate clauses and the maths is a review of Y5 learning.






4) Spellings to learn – gp 5


Have a good weekend!


Mr Day

Y6 homework

Just a reminder that your homework tasks are in your book and can also be found on SEESAW.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Y6 Homework 16/9/21

YEAR SIX HOMEWORK 16/9/21 – DUE MONDAY 20th September 2021




Homework this weekend please:


1) Reading – record new / unusual vocab x3 times before Monday


2) LBQ maths – there will be a code set up daily until Sunday to work through – look out for it on SEESAW each day  – rounding numbers to 1 million.


3) LBQ English – reading comprehension based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.  You do not need to do Q11. There will be a code set up daily until Sunday to work through – look out for it on SEESAW each day


4) Spellings to learn – gp 3


Have a good weekend!


Mr Day

Y6 Homework

Hello Year 6!

Please see your homework for the weekend HERE

Have a good weekend!

Mr Day

Leavers’ Service 2021

A few shots from our lovely Year 6 Leavers’ Service July 2021, which was ‘live-streamed’ to parents on the big day itself. We will miss you class of 2021!

Welcome to Key Stage 2 Booklet

Click HERE to download the Welcome to Key Stage 2 booklet which explains what happens in Year 3 and will help with the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page!

Year 3 have made a wonderful start to their Key Stage 2 journey and are looking forward to sharing their learning adventures with you.

Mrs Thomas



Welcome to Year 5

The Year 5 children have made an excellent start to their new class. Keep looking at the class page for information about their learning.

Welcome To The year Six Class Page!

Visit this page regularly to check out what’s going on in Year 6.

You’ll find helpful hints, top tips and ideas, photos, pieces of work to be proud of and ….of course: home learning!

It’s your last year at St Mary’s…so let’s make the most of it and leave here proud of your achievements!

Together, we will have a fantastic year!

Let’s do this.

Mr Day

Welcome to Year 2.

Welcome to Year 2.

We have made a fantastic start to Year 2 this year, it is so lovely to see the children learning and having fun. We are really looking forward to all the exciting things this academic year will bring.

Mrs Hardman and Mrs Barlow.

Welcome to Reception Class

Our new reception class are settling in nicely. We are all very busy getting to know each other and finding our way around the indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page!

The teachers in our class are Mrs Booth (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning) and Mrs Burke (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.)


Our Big Questions this year are: Why were the Romans so powerful and how do we know they were in our area? What was life like as a child during the Industrial Revolution? Donde en España estoy? (Where in Spain am I?) Where in the UK am I?  Who were the greatest invaders?

Year 4 Sports Day

Fabulous efforts from everyone at Year 4’s Sports Day. Well done Year 4!

Year 3 Castleshaw Trip

Year 3 loved learning all about rivers on their recent trip to Castleshaw.

After donning their waterproofs, they had great fun wading through a stream to find the source of the river!



Year 3 Tomb Raiders

As part of our Ancient Egyptian topic, Year 3  had lots of fun learning about the archaeologist Howard Cater and what he discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Working in teams,  each archaeologist took turns to explore the tomb and observe the many wondrous artefacts.  After taking in as much detail as possible,  in a limited time due to the build up of poisonous gasses over thousands of years,  they described their finds to their team members and then sketched these in their log books.

Following this, we took a virtual tour of a Tutankhamun exhibition to see the artefacts in real life.

Monster Pizzas

Year 3 have worked hard writing instructions on how to make a Monster Pizza. They couldn’t wait to have a go using some of the rather horrid and unusual ingredients!

Have a look at the monstrously good results.


Welcome to Year 5

Here is a snapshot of some of the activities the children have enjoyed since returning to school and commencing their time in Year 5

Bolton Museum

Year 3 saw ‘wonderful things’ during their visit to Bolton Museum.  They took part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop, explored a reconstruction of Pharaoh Thutmose’s tomb and even had time to visit the aquarium.



Spanish Day

Children had a fantastic time celebrating Spanish Day at St Mary’s. We practiced our Spanish through songs, games and stories, enjoyed taking part in a flamenco dance workshop and learnt about Spanish art and culture.