Easter Service 2021

Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is the link for this weeks assembly entitled Me first!

In it, we think about times when it is OK to be first, or to want to be first, but we also consider those times when being first should not be the most important thing. We go on to think about the topsy turvy statement that Jesus made about the first being last and the last being first and as usual there is a story.

Me First!


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

This weeks assembly is called WWJD? and is all about the value of service. It looks at a question that Jesus’ disciples asked him about who was the greatest. There are several places to stop and think about who the children think is the greatest and why, what criteria we use to decide who is the greatest and whether we can actually decide at all and a further place at the end of the video to think about how we can serve others.

We hope you enjoy and that it provokes some interesting discussions.


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is the final Topsy Turvy video of this half term called Bee Loving! With Valentine’s Day at the end of the week, we are thinking about love and how we show love to others.

I discovered that St Valentine is the patron saint of lovers and also bee keepers and so we look at how bees can teach us a thing or two about how to love.

There is a game which involves making as many words as you can from the word Valentine, fun facts about St. Valentine and the story of The Good Samaritan with places to pause and think as usual.

Bee Loving!


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is this weeks video entitled The True You, which is all about our gifts and talents and how we use them.

There is a memory game at the beginning, opportunities to think and reflect and a story called The Parable of the Talents.

I hope you and your children enjoy it.

The True You


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is Groundbreakers Assembly 7 looking at the proverb, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.

There is a game of charades to play, places to pause and reflect and a story Jesus told about how our actions must match up to what we are saying.

Hope you enjoy…

Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Groundbreakers Weekly Worship Video

Here is Assembly 6 which is all about the dangers of boasting and being “puffed up”. As usual there are places to pause and reflect … hope you enjoy.

Too Clever is Dumb!




Hello Y6,

Homework this weekend please:

1) Read and record new/unusual vocab x3 times before Monday

2) Reading comprehension to complete in yellow homework book – Blackbeard. Please copy Qs and complete answers underneath.

3) IXL.COM – Maths – Y6 K4 to K6 Complete the questions and aim for 100 smart score. Too tricky? Complete K1-K3 instead.

4) Spellings to learn – gp 9 plus SATs Spellings to revise.


The Disgusting Sandwich

Year 2 had such fun following instructions to make their very own disgusting sandwiches like in the story that we had read. They were amazing chefs and thought of lots of verbs to collect and synonyms vocabulary for ‘disgusting’. We are looking forward to writing our own disgusting soup recipes.

The Great Fire of London

Mrs Hardman challenged us to put the fire out in Pudding Lane, but by the time we had got water from the River Thames the fire had spread! We had great fun learning why the fire of London started and how hard it was to stop it spreading.

Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong

Year 2 enjoyed taking part in a workshop today. They explored the lives, times and achievements of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. They learnt about the similarities between these 2 significant people by recreating the events of their journeys. They enjoyed audiobooks, videos, quizzes and drama activities.

Ash Wednesday Service

The children took part in a thought-provoking Ash Wednesday Service. This was led by Reverend Katy Cunliffe, who was accompanied by Reverend Dorothy and Mr Sanderson to mark the beginning of Lent.

Christmas Jumper Day

All pupils came to school wearing their Christmas Jumper to raise money for Christmas Jumper Day. Pupils and staff raised over £200.
Pupils from the School Council ran the event and started the day with worship to explain how by wearing a Christmas Jumper and making a donation we are helping other children around the world.

School Choir at Christmas

The School Choir performed superbly at many events across Oldham during the Christmas period. Performances include :

Christmas Lunch and Carols at The United Reformed Church in Shaw

The Rotary Carol Service held at St James Church

As well as a fantastic opportunity to perform at the Oldham Music Carol Concert alongside other school choirs with one of our pupils taking the lead solo.

Experience Christmas

The Year Two to Year Six children have taken part in a number of hands-on and reflective activities, in order to learn all about Christmas. They have learnt about why Jesus was a gift and also how they can prepare their hearts for Christmas, during Advent, by forgiving others and saying sorry for any wrongdoings. They also learnt how to overcome their fears and have confidence, when they face any challenges, understanding that God would be with them, just like he was with Mary when she received the announcement from an angel. The children were left with the question, after listening to the words of the poet Christina Rossetti, how could they give their heart to others and carry on Jesus’ work through their actions’.

Sugar Plum

Our Sugar Plum was a super success, well done to all of Year 1.


Sugar Plum

What budding actors we have in Year 2! All of the children made us so proud during their performance of Sugar Plum. Everyone had a speaking part and also sang and acted amazingly! Well done Year 2!

Infant Shows

Infant Show and Nativity
We were so proud of all our infant pupils who performed so well in front of 4 large audiences. They danced, sang and acted brilliantly during the ‘Sugar Plum Show’ and ‘Nursery Rhyme Nativity’.