Year Six Eucharist July 2019

Year Six assisted Bishop Mark to hold their final Eucharist at St Mary’s. The singing was beautiful; the prayers heartfelt and the readings clear and meaningful. We want to say a special ‘thank-you’ to the Bishop for taking the time to share in this important event.

Experience Pentecost

The Year Two to Year Six children have taken part in a number of exciting and thought provoking activities, in order to learn all about Pentecost. They have learnt all about the value of waiting patiently for things, working together as a team and being brave in difficult situations.  They know how the word and love of God started small and is now followed across the world. The children were left with the question, how can you show God’s love through your actions?


KS2 Sports Day

KS2 enjoyed an exciting Sports Day by taking part in a range of fun activities.  The extremely hot weather did not affect the children’s performances as they competed against each other and collected points for their colour team.  The event was a huge success!


Experience Easter

The children had an exciting and informative visit, across to St Mary’s Church, to participate in our ‘Experience Easter’ event.  There were various interactive stations, situated around the church, to enable the children to experience the events of holy week and reflect upon them.  They took part in a number of activities, from sampling the bread and wine at the Last Supper, hanging their worries and fears on the tree in the Garden of Gethsemane, and writing their hopes and dreams on stones to place at the foot of the cross. Lots of interesting and in-depth questioning took place, to gain a deeper understanding of our Christian values, and how we can be the children of God, carrying on what we have learnt to improve the lives of others.


Manchester Royal Infirmary

St Mary’s CE Primary School and Manchester Royal Infirmary:

A very special project ……

The Year 6 pupils of St Mary’s School have been invited to work on a very special project. The project has been brought to us by one of the parents of an ex pupil, Mrs Shipton.

Mrs Shipton works in the Palliative Care at the Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital and began a project to create a room for relatives of very poorly patients. The aim was to make this room as relaxing and calming as possible and to this end our pupils undertook some art work incorporating the trusts symbol of a butterfly. Mr Hugh Templeton, an artist, worked alongside Year 6 to create the fantastic images you see below.

On the 6th Dec 2017 pupil and staff representatives were invited to the Grand Opening of the relatives’ room were Kathy Cowell OBE – Chair of MFT. Invited our two school councilors Katie and Alfie to cut the ribbon and officially open the Butterfly Room.

This has been an amazing opportunity for our pupils and the school to be involved in and we feel privileged to have been a part of something that could really make a difference to patients and their families.


Experience Church

The children were invited across to St Mary’s Church to participate in the ‘Experience Church’ event. There were various stations where they learnt about the importance of the different features of the church and how they are used. These included: The Font, Lectern, votive candle holders, Altar, door and stained glass windows. The children had great fun, creating their own stained glass candle holders, prayers and origami birds. They participated in many discussions to gain a deeper understanding into the many Christian values that are promoted. They learnt the importance of what we ourselves can bring to the Church and also take with us into our lives.








Easter 2016

We were amazed at the fantastic Easter service, which our Year Four class performed in Church on the last day of term. The acting was awesome, the singing beautiful and the speaking clearly projected. Well done to every member of the class. Your professional approach and confidence was inspirational. You are all super stars!

Anti-Bullying Show

Years 1 to 6 pupils all took part in an anti-bullying show called ‘The power of one’! We learnt that bullying is purposeful, deliberate and repeatedly hurting someone. Bullying can be verbal or physical and that verbal bullying is when words can hurt and physical bullying is when actions can hurt. We were reminded that we should always tell a teacher if any bullying is seen happening and thought about what each of us can do to help. We all made a promise to make sure that there is no bullying at St Mary’s.






Flip for iPads

Pupils at St. Mary’s School flipped pancakes to raise money for iPads. Over a £1,000 has been pledged and money is still being collected. The pupils had a fabulous time as well as raising an amazing amount of money. We will keep you posted on the final total raised. Thank you to everyone who helped on the day and to everyone who sponsored the pupils.

Paralympian Visit

We were very fortunate to have Josie Cichockyj, a former British Paralympian and Team GB basketball player visit our school a few weeks ago. She came to talk about what she had accomplished in life and to talk about making the most of the opportunities we get day after day. After a great talk in the hall, Josie visited the different classes and chatted with the children.

Easter Experience

The Year Four Easter assembly was held in church with each child taking part.  The pupils worked really hard to ensure that they new all the words to re- tell the story of Easter week.  It was was a fantastic success!  The class were amazing, not only in their acting skills, but their beautiful singing voices, with Thomas and Joseph giving eye watering solo performances!  Joshua Collins took the role of Jesus very seriously and wowed the congregation with his acting. Mrs Higgins and Mrs Booth are so impressed and proud of the achievements of this impressive group of budding actors and actresses. Well done everybody.

Espanyol at St Marys

¡Hola chicos y chicas!
( Hello boys and girls!)

Please see below for a list of things we have been learning this term. We have been having conversations round school, asking each other lots of questions:

How are you? ¿Qué tal?

And the reply can be: Muy bien!, Fenomenal! Fantastico! Fatal! Regular! Casi, casi.

We also know how to ask each other’s name:

¿Còmo te llamas? To which the reply is Me llamo … ( I am called…)

Years 4, 5 and 6 also know colours and numbers to 20.

Next term we will be learning about families and the weather!

We have a great connection with our link primary school in Spain. Check out their website,

In particular find the English Corner – there might be someone you recognized, working hard on her trip to Spain!

Saludos means greetings in Spanish.

¡Hola! ¡Buenos dias!







¡Buenas tardes! Buenos Tardes

Buenas Noches ¡Buenas noches!

¡adios! Adios

Hasta Luego ¡Hasta luego!

¿Que tal? ¡Muy bien gracias! Que Tal

Muy Mal ¿Que tal? ¡Muy mal!

¿Que tal? ¡Fantastico! Fantastico

Me Llamo ¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo…

Chicas Chicas

Chicos Chicos

Experience Pentecost

St Mary’s pupils find out more about Pentecost as they experience each station and gain a deeper understanding of the Pentecost  story at St. Mary’s Church.

Station 1       Waiting for the Holy Spirit to come
Station 2       Receiving the Holy Spirit
Station 3       Telling others the Good News
Station 4       Doing and taking action
Station 5       Sharing and working together
Station 6       Growing the Church growing in the power of the Spirit

Experience Christmas

St Mary’s pupils find out more about Christmas as they experience each station and gain a deeper understanding of the Christmas  story at St. Mary’s Church.


Station 1       The Preparation

Station 2       The Announcement

Station 3       The Promises

Station 4       The Journey

Station 5       The Message

Station 6       The Giftl done everybody.

Christmas 2015